Guida su come fare la leg press kingsbox

How to do the leg press | The step by step guide with images and videos

The Leg Press, the tool that in the gym causes feelings of real hatred and love. One of the most popular gym equipment that can help you build key leg muscles very efficiently and safely.

So many interesting studies have been done in a scientific way. This 2020 is very interesting.

Types of Leg Press

There are two types of leg press that you will commonly find in gyms:

The standard horizontal leg press and the 45 degree leg press which has a reclining seat at an angle while the legs press upwards in a diagonal direction.

Both are used to develop the quadriceps and back muscles of the thigh, as well as the buttocks.

Even if it seems like a simple exercise, it is important to learn how to use the leg press correctly. Paying attention to the form of exercise you can maximize the benefits of the development of strength and prevent injuries from misuse.

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What the Leg Press is for

The leg press is used as part of the leg strengthening routine during the training phase to develop the large buttock, the back muscles of the thigh and the calves.


The leg press offers the same advantages as the classic barbell squat exercise for the development of quads.

By varying the position of the foot you can emphasize the work and consequently the load on different muscles. Thus building a greater force in this group of muscles, so as to use it then to compensate for the imbarbells, such as runners who often have more developed hind thigh muscles than quadriceps and need to improve and even the muscle chain.

How to do the leg press correctly

Sit on the leg press with your back and head comfortably resting on the padded support.

Place your feet on the platform at the width of your hips, making sure your heels are flat.

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The bottom should be flat against the seat rather than raised. The legs should form an angle of about 90 degrees to the knees.

If the feet are too high on the plate, you will stress the buttocks ; if too low you will put unnecessary pressure on the knees.

The knees should be in line with the feet and should not be bent either inwards or outwards.

While pushing, make sure you keep that alignment.

Grab the assistance handles to provide support and keep the spine and head in place.

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Keep your abdominal muscles tense and push with your heels and forefoot.

The heels should always remain flat on the platform.

The front of the foot or toes should never be used solely to move the pad forward.


While exhaling, stretch your legs and keep your head and back flat against the seat cushion. Extend with slow control rather than explosive motion.

Return the platform to its original position by gradually bending the knees.

First Bonus Tip

If you have never done leg press before, start moderately with three sets of 10. Then once you get the right confidence advance with reps and loads.

Common mistakes

It is important to ensure a proper shape to get the most out of the workout routine with the leg press. To make sure you perform the exercises with the leg press safely, avoid making these mistakes.


One of the most important factors of injury is excessive load. Remember to NOT lift more weight than you should.

If you cannot control your movements, you will NECESSARILY have to reduce your weight.

The correct execution is more important than the amount of weight you are lifting.

The exercise MUST always be performed with complete control. Never rush the exercise and do not let your legs bend at the end of the movement.

Buttocks against the seat

If your buttocks are lifted from the seat, your legs will have too sharp an angle.

You will need to move the backrest until your knees and buttocks are comfortably positioned.

Put your hands on your knees

Putting your hands on your knees is a common mistake for all beginners who approach the leg press. Instead of putting your hands on your knees, grab the service handles on the sides of your leg press.

Short range of movement

ALWAYS follow the full range of movements without lifting the hips. If necessary, adjust the seat and/or remove weight.

Head up

Focus on the head position. It should be stable and comfortably against the backrest. If you are pushing your head forward, you are loading too much weight.


Remember to keep breathing during the effort phase and avoid holding your breath. If you focus on exhalation during exertion and inhalation during release, breathing will eventually become automatic.

Focus on the movements

Beginners should use lighter weights and develop a good shape before loading more extra weight.

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Second Bonus Tips

Focus on slow movements rather than how many repetitions or the amount of weight you are lifting.

If you notice abnormal stress in the joints or unwarranted pain, IMMEDIATELY ask a trainer to accompany you in the correct execution of the movement.

Safety and precautions

Avoid leg press if you have weak pelvic floor muscles as this exercise puts a lot of stress on the pelvic floor.

Before facing the leg press prepare yourself by doing safer leg strengthening exercises.

You should NEVER use this type of equipment if you have a knee injury.

If one or both knees hurt you, do not push more than you should.

Pushing will only cause injury.

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