Case Study: Royal Hip Thruster

Did you know that the largest (not the longest!) muscle is the so-called big gluteus muscle (Latin: musculus gluteus maximus)?

And not without a reason. This muscle, along with its (smaller) sisters gluteus minimus and gluteus medius, is responsible for stretching, external rotation and hip abduction. It takes care of daily movements such as getting up from a chair, climbing stairs, sprinting across the road, standing upright in a military formation or – if we are lucky – performing advanced Kamasutra poses.

We made the Royal Hip Thruster precisely because we are aware of the importance of strengthening the muscles of the posterior chain. It is suitable for recreational athletes who train in their garage, as well as athletes that train in the stadium and those who go to the gym. All of the above will improve their sports result and the quality of movement. Don’t even get me started on obtaining a beautiful butt shape (at least women’s) …

Our goal? To offer an easy solution to the market. This will be the Royal Hip Thruster.

Already upon a quick inspection of the competition, I noticed that their solutions are illogical and some even dangerous. Above all, I missed the easy movement with the help of wheels, the ability to adjust to different heights of the trainees and the possibility of vertical folding when the device is not in use. And let’s not forget the aesthetics! This is just as important as usability… just like with the butt! So, I focused on all these shortcomings during the development and tried to fix them.

With careful planning, we were able to launch the Royal Hip Thruster, which offers the ability to adapt to different heights, it can be stored in a position that occupies just over 0.2 square meters of floor space and – thanks to built-in wheels – easy movement around the training space. In addition, rubber bands can be attached to the device in as many as four different positions, increasing the difficulty of some exercises.

If during the workout you will be wondering why you still feel comfortable despite the extra strain of the band or the load, the answer lies in the backrest. The backrest cushion is inclined by 25°, which makes for better support, and consequently the feeling during the workout is more pleasant. Don’t believe me? Give it a try! 😊

The Hip Thruster frame is made of square steel profiles and 5 mm thick laser-cut steel plates. The steel plates affirm that this is indeed a KingsBox product. All metal parts are covered in the renowned black powder paint, resistant to scratches and wear. The cushion (yes, the one that gives you such a good feeling) adapts to the body perfectly due to the specially selected filling. And for the cherry on top of the cake, we have sewn a KingsBox patch into the pillow and gave it the honorary rank of a member of the KingsBox devices, just like in the army.

Author: Nik Stegel


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