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Thruster Let’s Learn Them Together with Kingsbox Academy Guides

The Thrusters are an excellent and stimulating exercise that involves containing large muscle groups, perfect for building muscle mass and increasing strength. This exercise mainly targets quadriceps and deltoids, but there are several secondary muscles involved which include :

  • The back muscles of the thigh
  • The buttocks
  • The triceps
  • The core

How to do the Thrusters correctly:

1) Start standing with the feet apart perpendicular to the width of the shoulders. Lift the barbell and move to the front rack position, (This position is obtained by grabbing the barbell just outside the width of the shoulders, once secure of the grip, brings the barbell up to the shoulders with a clean so that the palms of the hands are facing the ceiling and the elbows are facing the ground).

thruster guida 2

You’re in front rack position now.

2) From the front rack position, crouch down until the thighs are parallel to the ground, holding the knees perpendicularly above the ankles and the weight on the heels.

Keep your back straight, your elbows up and your eyes forward. Slowly bend your knees and bring them to a complete front squat position.

3) From the front squat position, with an explosive movement return to the upright position by pressing the barbell up over your head with a total extension of the arms. In the climb phase use the heels to stabilize and press the barbell only after fully extending the hips and knees.

Repeat throughout the wod session.

Things to avoid : a proper technique is extremely important in this exercise to get the most out of the movement. Here are the things to avoid to properly run your Thruster :

Try to keep your heels in contact with the floor throughout the exercise. Resist the temptation to lift yourself on your toes as you push upwards. Firmly placing your feet on the ground will maintain barbell and ensure you engage the correct muscles.

thruster guida

Bonus :

Do not stop after each repetition. The Thrusters must be executed with a fluid movement for the entire set. The running time between reps should be constant, thus generating a continuous movement.

Follow these simple rules :

  1. Do not depend completely on deltoids to push the barbell over the head in the final stage.
  2. Try to keep the core muscles tense during the entire movement.
  3. Avoid bending your shoulders and back as you squat.
  4. The chest must continue outwards, well extended, at the same time trying to keep the back in a flat position and the shoulders backwards.
  5. Avoid bending your knees when you go into the “hole”.
  6. Keep your feet slightly open outwards when you start the squat, this technique will help you to position your knees properly.

Repetitions and set :

The weight you use is very important during the Thames, as it is an advanced exercise, be sure to always start with a very light weight in order to improve your technique and make sure that the execution is perfect.


Starting with the barbell alone will allow you to become familiar with the movement and with the correct execution of the gesture. Don’t rush the Thrusters are an exercise that as simple as it may seem needs practice to run properly. Always rely on your coach who will surely know how to teach you how to perform this wonderful exercise.


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