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The most requested tool at the moment is finally available at KingsBox shop! After the great success at the Games, the Assault AirBike can now be yours!

It is an excellent training tool, both in your home gym as well as in the gym, in fact it has been designed to withstand endless and intense workouts. Thanks to the new, but simple technology, the AirBike is suitable for all levels of training, as it works on the basis of resistance to air, so the more you push, the more effort you make! Equipped with a monitor, you can set various types of training and keep track of the beat, speed, RPM, time, Watt, calories and set up your workout by choosing between multiple options (tab, Interval Training, distance etc.)

The Bike is made of steel with an adjustable seat.

Coated with black powder coating, it has both the pedals and the well-reinforced handles.


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