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Gym equipment | Guide to essential equipment to buy

Furnishing a new gym with equipment is not always easy. There are dozens of pieces of gym equipment to choose from and plenty of questions to answer to in order to allow you to buy the right equipment based on the space you have available.

In this comprehensive guide on the purchase of gym equipment we will try to answer all the most frequently asked questions by customers, wether they plan to start a home gym or a professional one.

Let’s start from the most important part and find out together: what tools are there in a gym?

1. Bench

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A training bench is an adjustable or fixed bench used to perform weight training exercises. The adjustable version allows you to shift the backrest, from a flat to an inclined position. There are a wide range of gym benches here is where you can buy them.

2. Dumbbells

This is probably your most important gym equipment purchase. A set of bumbbells, starting from a lighter weight up to a heavier weight, so as to have a wide range of sizes with which you can satisfy your customers. Dumbbells come in various shapes, sizes and materials, the choice is yours. Here is a very interesting selection of gym dumbbells.

3. Barbells

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Olympic barbells cannot miss in your gym. Remember that there are different types of barbells and the weight differs by sex. For example, the Olympic barbells for Crosstraining and Powerlifting for men weigh 20kg, those for women 15kg. There are also specialized gym barbells to train different muscles of the body. Here you can find the Olympic barbells, and in this section the special barbells.

4.Bumper plates

Bumpers or training discs are essential to add weight on your barbell to achieve the desired weight. The bumper plates are available in different materials and in different colors. Choosing the best one for you and your gym is a breeze. Here is our complete selection of gym discs for sale. Choose the one that best suits your gym. Remember that depending on the type of sport you want to practice in your gym you’ll need to choose the right gym disc, be it cast iron or rubber.

5. Kettlebells set

Kettlebells are a very interesting alternative to dumbbells because they activate a slightly different muscle profile, especially the core. Kettlebells are a piece of equipment that is becoming more and more popular and buying a set for your new gym is worth it. Kettlebells have different weights and can be purchased in this section dedicated to kettlebells.

6. Pull-up bar

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The chin-up bars are very useful and can be attached directly to the wall to save space and money. You can find several pull-up bars, which can be installed on the wall as well as on rigs and racks. They are not very expensive and offer an endless list of benefits. If you are looking for pull-up bars, here is the special section dedicated to pull-up bars.

7.Power rack or squat rack

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The power rack or squat rack are two must-have accessories. In fact every gym should have at least one. Made of durable steel, they allow you to do many exercises. They provide essential support to the barbells during the most common exercises of powerlifting and weightlifting. In our section dedicated to gym racks you can find the one most suited for your needs.

8. Treadmill

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If you are buying equipment for your new gym you know that a treadmill is a must-have. Here at KingsBox we have perfected our treadmill which uses the movements of the human body to be operated: the Royal Runner 2.0 treadmill.

Suitable for all athletes, regardless of their fitness lever, for HIIT workouts (high intensity intervals). Don’t forget to take a look at the other treadmills for sale.

9. Air Bike

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The Air Bike is an alternative to the treadmill and rowing machine for cardiovascular endurance training. The Air Bike is environmentally friendly and perfect for increasing heart rate. There are several Air Bikes on the market. Here is an exclusive selection of Air Bike available on our store.

10. Rowing machine

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Unlike the Air Bike and treadmill focuses more on the lower body, the rower allows a complete training, it engages the legs, the core and the upper body, as well as helping to burn a lot of calories. As always you can find the best rower for your new gym here.

11. Medicine ball

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Buying a set of medicine balls and slam balls will allow you to add an additional stability challenge to your customers. However simple in its conception, the medicine ball is a really useful tool, at a very low price point. Here is a nice selection of medicine balls available for purchase.

In conclusion

As you can see buying quality gym equipment at a fair price is possible. As always we advise you to buy only the necessary equipment at the beginning. Start with the essentials so that you can then build your set of equipment based on you own, personal needs.

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