Come tornare alla propria routine dell'allenamento dopo le vacanze estive

Motivate customers to return to the gym after the holidays

Motivating customers to go back to the gym after the holiday. Well done, let’s find out how to do it together.

Summer holidays are often a time of relaxation, fun and relaxation. However, for many of us, this break from the daily routine can involve a break even in gym training. The heat, travel and summer activities can easily distract people from their fitness goals.

The problem arises when it’s time to go back to the gym after the holidays.

As coaches and managers of gyms, it is our job to motivate customers to resume training after a prolonged break. In this article, we will explore a number of strategies and tips to help you get your customers back to the gym after the summer vacation.

Chapter 1: Planning Before and After Holidays

One of the keys to success in getting customers back to the gym after their holidays is planning. Before customers leave for the summer holidays, help them plan an action plan. Ask them to set a specific date for their return to the gym. This will help them maintain a well-defined purpose during the holidays and motivate them to return to the gym as soon as they return.

After the holidays, she works with clients to plan their workouts. A well-structured and personalized program will help them find their routine and gradually adapt to the workout.

Chapter 2: Resume Gradually

After a prolonged break, return to training not easy, advise your customers to resume training gradually. Explain to your customers that the body needs time to adapt to a new routine. Start with light training sessions and gradually increase the intensity. This will help prevent injuries and reduce the risk of feeling overwhelmed.

It also emphasizes the importance of focusing on technique and form during exercises. This will help customers build a solid foundation for their future workouts.

Chapter 3: Setting Clear and Realistic Goals

A crucial part of getting customers back to the gym is helping them set clear and realistic goals. Talk to them about their post-vacation expectations and help them set specific goals. Goals should be measurable and achievable in the short term, so that customers can see tangible progress.

Make sure you customize your goals to suit each customer’s needs. This will motivate them to work towards something meaningful to them.

Chapter 4: Offering Incentives and Rewards

Incentives can be a powerful motivator. Consider offering special discounts or promotional packages for those who sign up or renew after the holidays. You can also set up a goal-based reward system. For example, customers could earn points for each completed workout or goal achieved, which they can then trade for rewards or benefits. This will make training easier and more fun.
It also creates a sense of healthy competition between customers. Organize fitness challenges or gym tournaments where they can participate. These events not only motivate them to return to the gym but also to work hard to achieve their goals.

Chapter 5: Constant Communication and Support

Constant communication is critical to keeping customers engaged. During the holidays, maintain regular contact through emails or social media messages. Give them tips to stay active during the holidays and keep them informed about any news at the gym.

Once back, offer them extra support. You can schedule individual sessions to assess their progress and update their training schedule. This shows a commitment to them and helps them get back on track.

Chapter 6: Creating a Social and Community Environment

A positive social environment can make returning to the gym much more enjoyable. Organize social events in the gym such as group training sessions, theme parties or special courses. These events not only make training fun, but also help customers socialize and feel part of a community.

Encourage interaction between customers. You can create a social media group where they can share their progress, exchange advice and motivate each other. Feeling part of a community of people with similar goals can be a powerful motivator.


Getting customers back to the gym after the summer vacation can be a challenge, but with the right planning, support and motivation, you can help them regain their passion for fitness. Tailor your strategies to your customers’ individual needs and remind them that every step, even small, is a step in the right direction.

Your role as a trainer or gym manager goes beyond the teaching of exercises; you are also a motivator and a partner in their quest for well-being. With the right strategies and your support, your customers will be ready to return to the gym after the holidays and reach their fitness goals with renewed enthusiasm.

Bonus Tips

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Motivate customers to return to the gym after the holidays
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Motivate customers to return to the gym after the holidays
Get back to training after the holiday. Find out how to get your customers back to the gym after the summer break.
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