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KingsBox 3 Seconds Pull Up Bar | Reclosable chin-up bar

The world’s first chin-up bar designed for home gyms and gyms that need to save space without sacrificing quality and safety. Here at Kingsbox listening to feedback from our customers and athletes is very important.

Thanks to their requests and suggestions we find precious material to create new products that meet the needs of professionals in the sector.

Some time ago we discussed the possibility of saving precious space in garage gyms and small fitness centers, without giving up the necessary equipment to achieve a proper complete and effective training path.

As we well know, rigs and pull-up bars occupy precious space by nature. From this and other considerations we thought of starting to design a product that could meet this need.

But how to do it ? We know that exercises such as pull-ups, musce-ups and others need solid structures on which to perform such particular exercises. How to reproduce a similar training tool while safeguarding space and safety in the same way ?

With a brilliant solution! A folding pull-up bar.

Exactly you read right, the first bar for Pull-Ups and Muscle-Ups folding that when closed occupies only 15 cm!

But how is our 3 Seconds Pull Up Bar ?

Made entirely of steel, our Pull-Up Bar boasts an exceptional capacity of 500kg powder coated to withstand corrosive agents such as sweat, magnesite and more.

Some might think that a pull-up bar like this is not safe or will not be able to withstand your body weight during exercises. Well here’s a test video that will leave you amazed. We loaded the beauty of 500 kg of bumpers for and the result was amazing.

The installation of our 3 second Pull Up Bar is very simple, just a wall to place the equipment and 4 bolts supplied. The diameter of 33 mm ensures safety and stability and the width of 940 mm allows you to always have the space you need to perform all kinds of exercises possible, even for the biggest athletes 🙂

What kind of exercises can you do with the 3 Seconds Pull Up Bar ?

  • Pull-up
  • Muscle-up
  • Tractions

And so much more.

Want to see our Pull Up Bar in action ? Here is an example video where you can understand the operation and a part of exercises you can do without sacrificing the much loved space of your home gym in complete safety.

Where to buy the 3 Seconds Pull Up Bar ?

Our fantastic chin-up bar is available at this address at a very affordable price.


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