Beginner’s guide to powerlifting and new Combo PL Bench

Relatively young, powerlifting is a truly spectacular sport that tests strength and concentration. The athletes compete in bench lifting sessions, deadlift and squat where to find in a single attempt the best possible weight.

The rise of powerlifting began informally in the 50’s several athletes gathered in training groups where challenge each other in different types of lifting exercises, sometimes very bizarre, In the 1960s, participants established clear rules and the types of exercises were officially restricted to squats, bench and ground clearance.

How powerlifting competitions work.

The competitors have three attempts for each type of lifting attempt. The tests are recorded and evaluated according to the cleanliness of the gesture (standard) and lifted weight. By sometimes adding the total weight of the trials you get the winner of your weight class.

Powerlifters use different strategies to build their strength, one is definitely training as often as possible. We talked about the possibility of creating your own home gym for powerlifiting.

Why not take your home gym to the next level?

Being a powerlifter means fighting every day with important weights. Not always a structure such as a Rach or a bench are created to support certain loads, with the risk of running errors and sometimes even accidents.

Kingsbox has always put the safety of its customers at the forefront, and decided in this case to create one of the best powerlifting combos ever presented on the market.

Combo Bench from Powerlifting

We present our incredible Combo Bench from Powerlifting designed and made entirely in Europe.

Combo bench powerlifting 4

Made of high quality steel and powder coated our training station can be used both as a squat stand with a pair of classic barbell racks (J-Cups) both as a push press bench with round bearings that facilitate the movement of the barbell bar even when lying down.

The safety arms offer protection during workouts, while the step behind the bench has been designed for those who will help you during your training. The section of the bench comes off in a few seconds without the aid of tools and is supplied complete with supports for spotters and safety devices adjustable in height.

Olympic Performance

Our Combo Bench forPowerlifting has been designed to offer the best of structural technology in a really contained space. Thanks to our Combo Bench you can feel the feeling of training just like the real powerlifting world champions.

The highest quality materials and the design made in Europe, guarantees the best possible currently on the market at an unparalleled price.

Combo bench powerlifting 4

Changing the rack height is quick and easy with the pivot mechanism for quick and practical adjustment. The distance between the holes of 30 mm completes the design of the uprights, ensuring that each athlete can find the most suitable rack height.

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