Case study: FT CLUB Leipzig

A difficult challenge, a top-notch solution

FT CLUB Leipzig is located, as the very name suggests, in the German city of Leipzig. The city attracts all lovers of architecture and music festivals, and thanks to the efforts of one person and our equipment, it can now also be the destination for all fans of functional training, who can train on 160 square meters of space and admire the rational layout of equipment.

The space is divided into several units: exercise room, lounge room, changing rooms with showers and reception. The gym is surrounded by large windows, which provide not only excellent light, but also make the space appear more open and bigger. Although the club has a relatively large area at its disposal, the training area has one disadvantage, which presented the owners with quite a few concerns. In the middle of the room, there are wide support pillars, which take up a lot of space and prevent unhindered exercise, while optically reducing the space. In addition, the ceilings were slightly lower, which made it impossible to install our classic pillars; we had to custom-make them.

Marom Gold, who works as the gym manager, contacted us with the desire to aid him in finding a solution to set up a rack in the space. He wanted a functional rack, which would not further reduce the space for training with free weights, as was already done by the support pillars and artificial grass, which he laid with the thought that athletes would this way have additional training opportunities. He hoped that even after the installation of the rack, he would be left with enough space for eight athletes to train in at the same time. Despite the main challenge being functionality, Marom did not want to give up the luxuries that a steel structure possesses. He wanted enough squat and chin-up stations, and other above-standard accessories as well: a dip bar, Wall ball targets, and Monkey poles.

The mechanical engineers were faced with an interesting challenge, so they unfolded the spatial plans of the gym in front of them and started calculating and testing various solutions in the engineering program. After much deliberation, they finally came up with a solution: if we wanted to take into account all the wishes of the customer, functionally arrange the space and rationally place the rack in it, there was no other choice but to build the rack around the pillars. We presented a 3D technical drawing to the customer, which also contained all the dimensions, and Marom enthusiastically confirmed the project.


Fortunately, there was enough space between the support pillars, so we were able to make 1 position for squats and 16 positions for chin-ups on each side. For the realization of the project, we were forced to develop and produce many custom-made elements, because our standard elements simply did not correspond to the ratio between the columns and the height of the ceiling.

The project was a good example of just how far the imagination can take us if we are left to work independently with our own experienced ideas. The fact that it was a technically demanding project only intrigued our designers even more, as every one of them possesses a sports mentality and is not intimidated by such projects. Quite the contrary, they were happy to be able to show their innovative approaches and flexibility.

Marom then also recorded a video for his promotion, which he was happy to share with us. We play it several times and it makes us incredibly proud of ourselves every time.

Video: FT-Club Leipzig Youtube


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