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Training vest | The complete guide to use and purchase

Do you know what a training vest is? If the answer is no, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article we will give a broad overview of weighted vests, how to train safely, in which exercises to use them, and what features to pay attention to before purchasing.

Before we get started

Our first advice is never to start with a fully loaded vest, the bones and muscles need time to adapt, most people use it because they want to achieve a more intense and challenging training degree, but if you are not aware of your own abilities and your own shape state, the use of ballasted vests could delay the results you are trying to get.

What is it exactly

Simply a composite and durable vest equipped  that allows you to add and subtract weight to increase the intensity of any training.

The advantage of using a weighted vest is to add weight to certain exercises by increasing the intensity, in particular in Free body exercises , walking, running, jogging, hiking and any exercise of speed or agility.

How much weight to start with

The weight with which you start will depend on your fitness level, our advice is never to use a weight that discourages you from using the correct form of any exercise you are trying to perform.

Bonus advice

Don’t let your ego take over using a too heavy vest it could hurt you unnecessarily.

Are the vests dangerous?

Like anything in life, you should always take some time to learn how to use it properly. A ballasted vest should only be used when your fitness level is comfortable.

What to pay attention to before using a ballasted vest

Before using a ballasted vest ask yourself some questions :

  1. Have I mastered this type of exercise?
  2. Have I reached the maximum intensity?

Use the correct shape or RX of the movement during a workout session should be your main goal, before increasing the intensity or difficulty of any workout routine make sure you perform the correct movement.

If you are not using the correct technique, adding more weight will only make things worse and you will end up getting hurt.

Benefits of use

The use of ballasted vests with weights during workouts will put your muscles under stress, increasing the amount of strength developed. During cardiovascular exercises the extra weight will make your movements more tiring, which will subject your body to increased oxygen deficiency by increasing its aerobic resistance V02.

Whenever you will have your body working harder to accomplish the task entrusted to it, the end result will be more calories burned to produce the energy you need to complete that task.

The higher the intensity, the more oxygen the body needs to keep the muscles running, a vest with weights used correctly will create a more challenging experience that will make your heart beat faster to provide oxygenated blood to tired muscles that will burn more calories.

Which one to buy

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