Functional training equipment – Buying guide for functional training

How to choose equipment for functional training correctly? Read our professional buying guide.

Thanks to the advent of new training methods, we have managed over the years to exploit every modality of athletic training, mixing different disciplines, thus making our bodies ready for any challenge.

We train so that our body develops and improves our lives in a functional way. To make this concept a reality, we often use various training equipment.

Functional training equipment

In functional training methods such as Cross Training , High Intensity Interval Training , Functional fitness, Functional training and other muscle strengthening programs, training sessions considered “functional” by their nature are performed and also the type of equipment used differs from the classic one you will find in a common weight room.

In the universe of sports equipment, people often pushed for little knowledge to purchase equipment that is not always useful for the intended purpose, so we decided to create a real step-by-step guide to buying equipment for functional training.

Often you think you have to buy thousands of euros of equipment to get started, but fortunately with functional training this is not the case, you will find that it is possible to start training with minimal expense.

Follow us in this guide to choosing the equipment for functional training.

Jump rope

The jump rope is a type of functional fitness equipment much more functional than you think:

The jump rope is an essential tool for improving  fitness skills. Training for up to 20 minutes a day with a jump rope will improve your cardiovascular capacity. Also, the act of controlling the jump and momentum of the rope will help improve your coordination.

The jump rope is a simple tool that is very useful for multiple purposes of use and relatively cheap to buy, once used correctly it will greatly improve your fitness.

Haven’t bought your jump rope yet? Take a look at our jump ropes:

Elastic bands

banda elastica per calisthenics

Elastic bands are widely used in functional training, perfect as a tool for improving joint flexibility, warm-up routines, and even progression of pull-ups. Very powerful tool to add to the functional fitness equipment list.

Pull-up bar

Pull-ups are one of the best exercises to learn, and having a pull-up bar at home is a wonderful thing to start with. Pull-ups help build muscles quickly and improve body control with an emphasis on upper body muscles.

There is a pull-up bar for each room. If you feel like learning how to do pull-ups, there is a simple and elegant solution for every situation and it is our legendary 3 Second Pull Up Bar


In any training program, there will come a time when we need some necessary ancillary stimulation, which is why we should start adding some weight to our training session.

The addition of weight must never be disproportionate but always well barbell and carefully thought out, as weight slows down the pace of work but at the same time encourages muscle growth and makes training much more exciting.

Dumbbells are a great choice to start training, they can be used for strength training, with slow and controlled movements and a limited number of repetitions, or in high intensity workouts using moderate weight dumbbells with a large number of repetitions.

Plyo box

A wooden box is true, it is nothing more at first sight, but as simple as it may seem, it will help you a lot during your functional training session. With 3 different heights based on the side you use it is considered a very useful tool in functional training. Great for improving domains such as: stability, barbell, concentration, precision in movement and, of course, muscle strength.

Medicine ball

In functional training, some tools have multiple uses and the medicine ball is really one of those great tools. In fact, the medine ball (English term) can be used as an extra weight during lunges or squats, or be used as a “throwing” weight as part of the wall-ball exercise.

Overall it is a very functional tool and therefore recommended in our list.

Be sure to buy sturdy and highly durable medicine balls as they will be one of the most mistreated tools.


Adding weight to functional training is good, it helps you improve your fitness level faster. Additionally, using kettlebells in workouts will diversify the range of exercises as many can be performed using this functional training tool.

Kettlebells are of different weights, so you are sure to find the one that best suits your purpose. When buying, keep weight in mind as an essential parameter to consider.

We highly recommend learning how to use kettlebells correctly before moving on to heavy kettlebells.

 Kettlebell Functional training equipment


The list of equipment for functional fitness  certainly does not end here, but we really wanted to start with the basic equipment to allow you to start immediately with little expense. to train. Once you have mastered all the various movements you can begin to think about the purchase of more economically important equipment such the Assault Air Bike, the Concept rowing machine, the Skyerg and much more.


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