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Kingsbox Closet Gym | The foldable home gym that everyone was waiting for

In the end, after so much we succeeded. We created the Closet Gym | The revolutionary home gym foldable unique in the world of its kind.

Some use the closet to store clothes, others for blankets or shoes. We use it to put in a Home Gym !!! Crazy? Maybe you do!

We at Kingsbox love challenges, and if you’re crazy enough to imagine it then you can also realize it. This is our mantra 🙂

Power to the imagination

Our mission was to design and build a home gym that could be practically installed anywhere. Equipped with everything you need for your training sessions. Intelligently designed, optimizing spaces to offer a superior product.

Well, we think we’ve managed to do that with this new product.

Here is the new Closet Gym

A real gym enclosed in an elegant wardrobe available in different colors, to allow you to always have everything you need at your disposal with an eye to the available space and design.

A real revolution that will change the world of home gym.

Our Closet Gym was to be presented at the annual FIBO Fair. Last year we presented our legendary Mighty Squat Pulley System but given recent developments we preferred to share it with you in preview.

Home gym kingsbox

Do you want to know why the time has come to give a turn to your way of training by choosing our Closet Gym? Ok read the reasons below :

Why choose the Closet Gym

Can be installed in small spaces

The first reason is immediately apparent. Our Closet Home Gym is enclosed in an elegant wardrobe with very small dimensions. In fact, the dimensions are :

Height: 2337 mm

Length: 1398 mm

Depth: 273 mm

A small closet that can be installed in every part of your home, in your garage and even in your hotel, why not. The Closet Gym of Kingsbox contains a real concentration of design and technology. Designed specifically to come in against those who want a home gym, but do not have much space to carve it.

An intelligent product that comes from the comparison and feedback of our customers, who requested a product that occupied little space, but at the same time can contain everything you need to train.

Complete with everything you need to train

The Kingsbox Closet Gym contains everything you need to train creatively and effectively. Enclosed in an elegant wooden and steel wardrobe we find :

  • A Royal TNT Rack
  • A pair of J-Cups
  • A folding flat bench
  • A set of Micro Loads (2 0,5kg, 2x1kg, 2 1,5kg, 2x2kg, 2 2,5kg)
  • Set of bumpers of your choice
  • A barbell of your choice
  • All bolts necessary for the assembly of the structure

Our legendary TNT Rack

Made of 3 mm thick steel profiles and measures 60 x 60 mm, it ensures the standards of quality and strength, which distinguishes all the structures of the brand Kingsbox.

The Royal TNT Fold Rack II. is practical, space-saving, fast and easy to assemble and is an excellent solution for all those who have no space to mount a classic structure at home.

It shall be fixed to the wall at both top and bottom, without anchoring it to the ground. The pull-up bar is then simply fixed with two bolts at the desired height.

After the workout, simply remove the pull-up bar and you can turn the two sides of the rack up to under the wall. In this position the rack will only take away very little space (10 cm from the wall).

Specifications :

  • Material: 3 mm thick steel
  • Rack height: 2500 mm
  • Rack depth open: 58 cm
  • Rack depth closed: 10 cm
  • 60 x 60 mm columns
  • Depth: 585 mm
  • Color: black, powder coated

Many colors available

Design for us is a serious matter. We think that every person has the right to choose the color that best matches his furniture. For this reason we have given the opportunity to choose between different colors available to allow you to always train with elegance.

Colori home gym richiudibile

Here are the colors to choose from

  1. White (27018 BS Crystal White)
  2. Black (2190 PE Black RAL 9004)
  3. Dark brown (37713 PR Moor Oak)
  4. Light brown (37769 SU Ash Highland)
  5. Grey-brown (34056 SU Stone Ash)

Choose the custom color you like the most. Custom Kingsbox can make your closet for Closet Gym virtually in thousands of colors. For information contact us by e-mail at:

The Kingsbox Closet Gym is available in pre-order at this address do not linger further, preorders are already many do not miss the opportunity to buy your personal Closet Gym.


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