Fit for the summer | With Kingsbox tools and tips

With the arrival of the summer season reborn in many of us the desire to train and get in shape.

Working out in the fresh air is a great way to boost your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, helping your body produce more oxygenation of your muscles, which makes fat consumption even more efficient. In addition to being a great way to take Vitamin D, essential for the proper functioning of our bone system, which unfortunately we all lack.

In today’s guide we want to give you concrete advice on how to take advantage of the mild temperatures and the space you have available to return to training outdoors, along with a list of low cost equipment and essential to get the results you want.

Aerobic training

To achieve a functional training it is very important to incorporate aerobic to anaerobic work. Aerobic exercises are essential to increase cardiovascular endurance and overall health. aerobic work is performed without weights and is therefore perfect for those who intend to lose weight or are simply interested in spending some time outdoors.

Aerobic exercises include running, swimming and body exercises, including rope jumping.
At this link you can find a wide range of ropes that will suit your needs if you are looking for quality accessories to start your body workout.

Jump ropes

Anaerobic training

Anaerobic exercises are those aimed at muscle growth and strength. Here too there are various levels of intensity that we can choose, depending on the results we want to achieve and the effort we want to make. With the help of our accessories you can get great results even from home and at a very low cost. All Kingsbox accessories are made of durable materials and perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, making them perfect for use in all seasons.

Training with elastic bands

The resistance bands are indispensable accessories for anyone who performs physical activity, at any level. They are compact and can be taken comfortably with you, to train anywhere. They have a multitude of uses including making anaerobic movements more effective but also working on mobility, before and after training. With elastic bands we can choose which muscles to put under strain, according to our needs and goals.

They are an essential tool for those who want to modulate the intensity of movements and make training more and more challenging. Or on the contrary, for those who are novice and must decrease the intensity.

At this link you can find all our proposals for our elastic bands, sold individually or in sets.

Elastic bands

Training with medicine balls

The use of medicine balls during training meets different needs you may have. The workouts that include it aim to strengthen the abs and the core. They can be used both to make our workouts more challenging by adding weight, but they can also add a stimulus to the muscles with balance exercises. The benefits can also be found for the training of legs and buttocks if you use the medicine ball to do exercises such as wall ball, a classic of functional training.

Our medicine balls are available at this link in various weights and colors.

Medicine balls

Training with dumbbells or kettlebells ?

Training with dumbbells or dumbbells is different from training with kettlebelsl.

Besides the obvious aesthetic differences, choosing which one to train with depends a lot on the type of training and effort we want to achieve. While dumbbell is great for targeted training of certain muscle groups, kettlebells give the opportunity to train strength and cardiovascular endurance. That said, both accessories are necessary if you want to get a complete and challenging workout. Our advice is to choose well, according to your needs, with which tool to make your movements.

At this link you can find our dumbbells


Make outdoor workouts fun

The summer will make us shit to be able to train our athletes outside using the spaces that gives us nature. So why not offer new exercises with fun and efficient training tools ?

Free Yoke

Free yoke kinsgbox
The reasons for its popularity are definitely the affordable price and simplicity of use. The list of exercises that we can perform with the help of Free Yoke is virtually endless.

  • Squats
  • Trusters
  • Lunges
  • Yoke carrier
  • and many others.

The Yoke is composed of a bar and 2 supports to load the weights. With a very low cost you can offer your customers new exercises to do outside while maintaining the right safety distances while having fun. Here is the link where you can buy our Free Yoke.

KingsBox Farmer Walk Handles

Farmer Walk KingsBox outdoor
Space to imagination with this tool that in its simplicity will allow you to realize fun challenges among your athletes. The low price is one of the reasons why you should buy our KingsBox Farmer Walk Handles.

Two bars of 8 kg each, which will make you enjoy training safely. The Farmer Walk Handels were developed by Axle Bars, to which we added a handle in the center of each bar and shortened them by almost 70 centimeters.

Each bar can be loaded up to 200 kg in bumpers with 48mm holes. Farmers Carry will help you strengthen your lower body, grip and upper back.

Outdoor pull slide

Slitta crossfit kingsbox outdoor
The Kingsbox sled is durable and practical and is perfect for training your athletes outside in compliance with regulations while having fun.

The price also in this case is really low and can help you recover the missing internal space.

Unlike other similar sleds, the Kingsbox Sled has no limitations and can be used on all surfaces. Athletes can use it to liven up their workouts so in the gym, as well as on other types of flooring: artificial ones, grass, asphalt and concrete.

The 6 mm thick steel gives the slide stability and resistance, protecting the weights even in the case of loads over 200kg. With the help of this sled you will strengthen both the muscles of the front as well as the back of your body, improving your fitness.

Here is the link where you can buy it.

Training Set

Mighty Home Gym Set
Tired of choosing all products individually every time? No problem, we have made for you different Training Sets

Choose the training set you like!


As always we hope that you enjoyed this guide and you can be useful to choose which accessories to buy for your outdoor workouts. We remind you as always that for any doubt you can write to us at .


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