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Well yes! After almost 2 years of uninterrupted work we present our brand new website, thanks to the collaboration of an incredible team of professionals, we were able to create a real jewel for all fans of cross training, Weightlifting, Calisthenics, Functional Fitness.

A different way to communicate with our loyal customers, an E-commerce with a simple and intuitive architecture, with thousands of products available divided by product category with the ability to choose precisely the product you need.


Nuovo sito web kingsbox

A universe of high quality products

A CLEAR style starting from the home page. Choose now which products to buy according to your needs.

Many dedicated sections starting from the GYM section for the owners of gyms and boxes of Cross Training, through the HOME section for fans who want to buy their dream home gym.

Many products and accessories to choose from without wasting precious time going straight to the point.

palestra in casa home gym kingsbox

Dedicated sections to speed up your search

The conveniently dedicated sections will take you comfortably to your goal, in no time at all. JUST endless waits and dozens of pages to browse to find the product you need. Our new website is very FAST.

With the new research structure, finding what you need becomes fun and exciting. For each dedicated section you will find dozens of different models to choose from.

Nuovo sito web kingsbox bilancieri

Find the right product for your needs

Whether you are a powerlifter, a weightlifter, a cross trainer, on our brand new website you will always find the right product for your passion.

Dozens of different models to choose from, custom finishes and colors to bring your fitness status to the next level. Choosing the perfect barbell will no longer be a problem.

Browse through the categories, choose the genre, discover the features and the price and add to the cart.

bilanciere da crossfit KingsBox

With our new website we rewrite the purchasing experience of the user, allowing it to find what it needs quickly and easily. Allowing him to compare dozens of different models to choose from, comfortably at home.

Color, material, finish, give space to your fantasy, with Kingsbox all this is possible! We rewrite the rules of fitness equipment together.

Browse our professional guides

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Need help? You don’t know which barbell to choose from or how to design your home gym?

No problem visit our BLOG and find all the answers to your questions by browsing our professional guides.

A compendium of very precious information, to always find the answer to your every doubt. And if you need personalized assistance?  all you have to do is send us an email with your requests from our convenient quote form that you can find at this address.

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What are you waiting for then? Do not waste any more precious time and visit our brand new website at this address. WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!


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