Case Study: Claw Hammer

Crossfit Claw Hammer – A great example of a cooperation

The client had a large gym, broken down into two areas. He challenged us with an outfitting and assembly project like we never encountered before.

  • Client: CrossFit Claw Hammer
  • Space available: 1300m² space for Cross Training, Weightlifting, competitor training, a room for group classes and a chillout area for clients
  • Location: Sesto San Giovanni (Milano, Italy)
  • Needs: Custom Rig, Custom Competitor area, Flooring, Custom Rack for Coaches, Installation
  • Contact: Simone Vergani (CEO of CFDM)

The Challenge:

The number of cross-training boxes in Italy is growing on a daily basis. Our client didn’t want “just another gym”, but a unique space with its own personality.

He wished for the first of the two spaces to be equipped for different group classes, while the second area was more exclusive and intended for private lessons, coaches’ trainings and elite competitions. The main goal was to be able to host athletes of different capability levels in the gym at the same time without creating a feeling of chaos or distraction. Besides that, the owner desired to be able to host seminars and larger competitions, so the design had to be adapted to suit those needs, too.

Simone, the owner, needed high-end certified equipment suitable for all skill levels: remember, the box wanted to host beginners and elite competitors alike, without depriving one or another group of the quality they deserved.

Furthermore, it was essential for them to have a custom-made rack in their own gym logo RAL color. For their two main coaches they envisioned two exclusively designed racks that would reflect their character.

Simone turned to KingsBox because he knew KingsBox could manufacture custom solutions for all of his request and more.

Of course, KingsBox jumped at the opportunity.

The Solutions:

KingsBox approached the challenge with excitement.

Once Simone presented his ideas and the design he had in mind, we were 100% sure we were the right partner for him. Afterall, we had enough previous experience to tackle this monster of a gym. We were able to offer him personalized assistance from the word go: we designed the renders and laid down the last piece of rubber.

After a few conversations and idea exchanges, we were ready to offer solutions.

As always, everything started with flooring.

Although Simone wanted a roll of 0.8 cm thick rubber, he eventually agreed that for the type of concrete flooring he had in the gym, 1.5 cm 100×100 rubber tiles would be a better solution. This flooring was chosen for covering the whole central area as well as the competition area. The thickness chosen will protect bumpers and other equipment safe and sound for thousands of drops.

Rubber Flooring tiles for the gym

Our next suggestion was a Wall Rig solution.

Even though Simone had one of the largest spaces we have ever seen and a free-standing rig could be easily installed, we opted for an 18-meter long Mighty Wall Rig. In this manner, we preserved the majority of the space for bodyweight and other exercises.

Wall Rig CAD drawing

To add more function to the classic wall rig, we installed long pillars for rope climbs and ring muscle-ups equipment. We also decided to add wall ball targets, so the place looks fuller and athletes can practice in a competition-like environment.

With the wall rig, we freed more than 600 m² of space. With this solution CF Claw Hammer now has the opportunity to host some of the biggest events in Europe.

Room One – Equipment for the Main Area:

The goal was to equip the room in such a way that every WOD possible could be conducted without any adjustments. We selected our “brand ambassador barbells” Kings Bar and Queens Bar with bumper plates.

The Box was also equipped with:

  • haltèress
  • Kettlebells
  • Plyo boxes
  • Med balls
  • Slam Balls
  • Ropes
  • Benches
  • Rings

We all like to break our cycle of strength trainings with some Cardio exercises.

With this in mind, CF Clawhammer opted for Concept 2 products, combined with Assault products. They now own an extensive range of cardio equipment, like Rowers, BikeErgs, Air-bikes, Runners, SkiErgs.

In other words, they own everything they might need to prepare the next fittest on earth.

Concept2 Rower assembly

Storage solutions:

In the main area we installed our coveted multi-storage system, combined with a storage system dedicated for barbells and bumpers, which ensures extra equipment protection.

Room Two – The Competition Area equipment:

Just like in the main area, we opted for the 1.5 cm 100×100 square tiles. However, we also installed six weightlifting platforms to boost the safety level of all athletes when performing heavy lifts.

Together with Simone we felt the need to show the coaches the amount of respect they deserve and provide them with personalized equipment that will make CF Claw Hammer their second home. That is why we furnished this area with five, one-station Mighty Wall Rigs in different colors. Each main coach of CF Claw Hammer has his own rig, each in a custom color and with a special unique engraving on the side.

All these details will also make sure the Box is represented well within social media marketing campaigns.

Since the competitors using the rig need superior equipment, we decided to equip them with our top-of-the-line barbells; the Royal bars.

Additionally, this area is designed to provide privacy and a place for competitors to concentrate and focus, while they do not distract clients attending group classes.

It’s rare that a Box has an area completely dedicated to professionals, and we’re incredibly satisfied with the end result. We are glad we could turn CF Claw Hammer’s ambitious concept into a reality.


The client, Simone, proposed a crazy project: 1300 m² of training ground with two different areas for training.

KingsBox submerged head-first into the project and finished everything in a month. The project was intense. We offered a complete solution from the first rendering to the assembly.

CF Clawhammer is now one of the biggest Boxes in Italy, capable of hosting more than 500 people at their events, all while hosting classes of 20+ people. It has one of the best competition programs in Europe; all backed by superb coaches and athletes.

CF Clawhammer had a problem on how to fill 1300 m² in the best and most effective way possible. KingsBox delivered the solution.


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