Crossfit Ketsui Case Study

One big space, four different training areas – CrossFit Ketsui

The word ketsui in Japanese means determination, strong willpower. Such is the mind of Lorenzo, the owner of a gym in Switzerland, who started his sports journey with martial arts and years ago fell in love with CrossFit and opened his first gym. It quickly became too small for everyone who got to know and love this sport and Lorenzo’s commitment to quality and systematic workout.

Lorenzo contacted us

Lorenzo contacted us with a desire to obtain a provisional calculation for the equipment, while at the same time launching a campaign on one of the fundraising platforms to make his dreams and the dreams of the wider community come true: a bigger gym, new quality equipment, more options for workouts, more people he can touch with his way of thinking.

He was aware of the fact that he had a strong community surrounding him. The campaign was supported not only by the trainees, but also by all the locals that saw an advantage in practicing sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. In exchange for donations, Lorenzo offered everyone free workouts and other practical prizes. In a short time, he had accumulated enough money that we could start serious talks about realizing his vision.

Immediately upon entering the gym

The space he chose as his own was large enough that we could place a variety of training aids in it and sort them into different areas.

Immediately upon entering the gym, we are surprised by a large red rig, which was already a trademark of the gym. Lorenzo did not want to give it up. This structure is designed for Cross training exercises, and up to 10 people can train on it at the same time, which also corresponds to the largest number of people in Lorenzo’s groups.

In the main part of the gym there is also a smaller rack for experienced trainees who train in the open gym concept. In the gym’s smaller part there are also platforms for weightlifting, cardio equipment and a relaxation area. After all, CF Ketsui puts a lot of emphasis on community and socializing, so the couch area is definitely a logical solution. In addition to the steel structures, CF Ketsui ordered all the equipment for optimal training from us as well: from Olympic barbells and plates to kettlebells, plyo boxes and cardio equipment.

Putting it all together

Lorenzo wished that all the equipment is installed by our experienced team. Despite some problems caused by the pandemic and the harsh bureaucratic procedures on Switzerland’s part, the boys still managed to travel to the idyllic canton of Ticino. In just three days they managed to lay out all the rubber, set the rigs, install all the small accessories and arrange the KingsBox training aids so that visitors remained speechless at the opening.


Everyone is very pleased with the gym equipment. This is not the only positive thing: the number of trainees increased, so a few more pieces of basic equipment had to have been bought to ensure optimal training for everyone. Subsequently, on the advice of our sales consultant who visited the gym, personalized boards were added to the steel structures with the name and logo of the gym.

With excellent cooperation and strong willpower, we have proved once again that anything is possible – and equipped the gym, which will serve many more for years to come!

One big space, four different training areas - CrossFit Ketsui
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One big space, four different training areas - CrossFit Ketsui
How to maximize your training options and utilize your available space.
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