Kettlebell | Historical explanation of the exercises and the Benefits of Ghira

If regularly train in the gym where cross-training or functional training is done, you probably already know what we are talking about.

Today we will be talking about the tool that in its simplicity combines strength and aerobic training. This training tool is well used in cross-training but not only. Follow us on this journey where we discover the history behind Kettlebell.


Kettlebell- you could directly translate this as a cowbell or a bell for the cattle. This is not a joke. It is not known exactly where the kettlebell was first invented, but we know that one of its first versions was found in Russia. And this is likely its nation of origin. Its name derives from the Russian: ги́ря (ghiria). This training tool is now experiencing tremendous popularity. Simple as it may be in its construction (a metal ball with a handle) it is currently one of the most effective gym tools on the market.

It has been with us since the very start of fitness, those who wanted to try their hand at strength training adopted this simple tool. Over time it has established itself as the perfect tool that combines power and movement to offer precise, efficient workouts that are perfect for losing weight and developing strength. Now a cross-training flagship training tool, that combines several important benefits in its simplicity.


What is special about this tool compared to dumbbells and other strength training tools?

The difference is simple to explain: The weight of a kettlebell is not distributed evenly as with the dumbbells. This creates the need to barbell and stabilize the body during the exercises. This is surprisingly effective for increasing and improving your:

– power,

– barbell,

– coordination.

A recent study has shown that athletes (experienced in strength training) that went trough 12-week cycle of kettlebell training tests had improved their strength levels and PR-s for about 20%. Their aerobic ability increased by 14,5% and last but not least their barbell improved exponentially.


There is a myriad of fantastic benefits that coms from doing exercises with this particular tool. Kettlebells are known to improve overall strength, core strength, barbell, flexibility, and coordination while at the same time dissolving fats and sculpting lean muscles.

Having an offset center of gravity, usually about 12 centimeters or more from the handle, is more difficult to control. So any exercise done with this type of CrossTraining tool will require rigorous and controlled body shape and mechanics.


Here are some of the advantages of including kettlebell exercises in your fitness routine:

  • Improved strength, flexibility, and cardio:
  • performing kettlebell exercises improves strength, cardiorespiratory resistance, and flexibility.
  • Increased functional strength: training with this tool will help you strengthen multiple muscle groups that help in your daily activities.
  • Kettlebell is compact and portable: you only need one or two to train the entire body. Kettlebells are easy to store.
  • Fun and versatile workouts: the exercises offer a wide range of movements and engage all muscle groups. You can do a total body training – as described in this article on the Tabata method by sportoutdoor24.

Now it is time you try out kettlebell training by yourself. Here is a WO created by KingsBox athletes to test your fitness. Are you ready?


3 Amrap in 40 minutes

  • From the minute 0:00 to the 6:00 minute

3 Kettlebell High Swings (16/12 kg) (right hand)

3 Kettlebell squat with front raise (16/12 kg)

3 Kettlebell High Swings (16/12 kg) (left hand)

  • From the minute 6:00 to the minute 36:00

1-2-3-4 repetitions of:

Double kettlebell Hang Clean (2 x 16/12 kg)

Front kettlebell squat

Kettlebell snatch

  • From the minute 36:00 to the minute 42:00




Let us know the result, how did you like this WOD? Surely it will leave its mark, but we guarantee a general improvement. Don’t miss the chance to buy the best quality kettlebells. Visit our website and choose the one that best suits you.

KingsBox Kettlebells are made of high quality cast iron and painted to offer additional protection against scratches, falls and dirt.


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