A profesional guide to save money on electricity in your gym

Did you open your monthly electricity bill, and you didn’t have a stroke? Not all had the same fortune as you did!

If your bill has climbed 3 times or more from last year, you are not alone. The electricity prices are getting ridiculously high, and governments are promising us a lot of things. But as we saw in the past, not so many promises were not fulfilled, so it’s better to take the action into our hands.

To help you get your electricity bill under control in these chaotic times, we have prepared a guide with 7 actions:

1. Create reminders for switching off the lights

On every light switch or plug in the gym, attach a note saying: »Save electricity, save the earth.« Every person is good on the inside and wants the best for our planet, but sometimes we are just lazy, or we do things because out of habit. With this simple note, you can get them thinking if they really need to use the electricity. We strongly suggest you make the same note also for water usage.

2. Unplug the machines that are not in use

Do you really need to have all the machines pluged in when you don’t use them? Think about computer that you leave it open even when you are not in the office.

Do your clients really need a TV in the gym? Is an ambiental light in the sauna really necessary, even if there are no clients? Does all the cardio equipment need to be plugged in all the time even if nobody is using it?

3. Change all the light bulbs

Use cost-efficient light bulbs. Yes, it’s an investment, but you will see on your monthly electricity bill that it is worth it! It can make 10X the difference between a cheap and a cost-efficient light bulb.

4. Change the electrical cardio machines to air rowers and air bikes.

There is also another investment that will get your electricity bill down. Cardio machines are one of the biggest consumers of electricity in all gyms. Think about all the monitors and electro motors that need the power to work. If you change your cardio machines that work on electricity to an Air based cardio machines like Air rowers, Air bikes, and Air runners, you don’t need any plug-ins. Your clients are powering the machine and burning energy at the same time…and if you think about it, this is exactly why they came to your gym in the first place.

5. Limit hot shower time

Everybody like hot showers, but do we really need to have 30 minutes hot shower or is 5 minutes enough? Make a switch that will limit the hot water usage per person. This is how you can save a lot of money.

6. Lower the temperature in the gym

You can easily save a lot of money by turning your heating to 19 degrees. Your clients will warm up on Air runners and Air rowers… not by heating systems.

7. Limit the usage of hair dryers

Hair dryers are one of the most energy-consuming machines. Try to limit the time that your customers are using it. If you can, make them pay 1€ for the usage, we promise you, the usage will decrease.

With these simple steps, you can get your energy costs down, get your margin up and invest back in the business. And you know what? Your clients will probably not even notice the difference, and if they do, 100% certain that they will understand why you had to take those steps to survive the energy crisis. We are all in the same shit we all have the same energy problem at work and home.

They will be happy that you made those steps, so you can keep the gym open and invest money in new equipment and better service. 

Autor of the article: Dejan Kobal,  CO-CEO, Head of Marketing & Innovations


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How to save money on electricity in the gym?
We prepared this guide with 7 steps on how to save electricity in your gym. During these times, when the energy costs are extremely high, it is important to take action and try saving some money on electricity and invest it in new equipment.


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