FIBO 2023 | Here are the news presented by KingsBox

With great pride we are proud to tell you about our edition of FIBO 2023 in which we presented some of our new products.

KingsBox is continuous innovation

The research and development department of KingsBox has always put its best elements in place to present every year at the largest European Fitness fair FIBO the novelties it has designed.

This year there were 3 products presented. Read the article to know more about them specifically.

What is FIBO?

FIBO is the world’s leading trade fair for fitness professionals, held in Cologne, Germany.

A total of almost 1200 exhibitors presented current trends and innovations in the fitness and health sector on a surface of 160,000 m².

With 143.000 visitors, including 83.500 professional visitors, FIBO sold out once again breaking records from the previous two editions.

Products presented by KingsBox at FIBO

Viper Extension 45 (HYPEREXTENSION)

Introducing the Viper Extension 45, the latest generation hyperextension machine that will take your training to the next level!

Our state-of-the-art machine is designed with the latest features and European quality to help you achieve your fitness goals with ease.

With an angle of 45 degrees and an adjustable arm length of 8 positions, our Viper Extension 45 is perfect for users of all heights and fitness levels.

The elastic bands with 4 hooks on the front leg will allow you to customize your training and change the resistance curve for a more challenging workout.

Our ergonomic cushions are soft yet firm and are designed to provide maximum comfort during training.

With the right amount of amortization, you’ll be able to focus better on your workout.

The wide platform for the feet allows you to perform exercises with a wide opening, facilitating aiming at different muscle groups.

The Viper Extension 45 is incredibly easy to use, thanks to the quick adjustment mechanism that can be adjusted without leaving the machine in less than 3 seconds.

And with roller bearing wheels, our machine is easy to maneuver on the gym floor, making it a convenient and practical addition to any fitness center or home gym.

Moreover, our machine is built with European quality and design, ensuring it will last for years.

The Viper Extension 45 can be purchased here.

Mighty Foldable GHD

We present the Mighty Foldable GHD, the perfect folding machine for the development of buttocks and ischiocrurals.

Designed to fit our series of supports and Mighty frames or as wall mounted version for concrete walls. Produced 100% in Europe, this GHD is built with the highest quality materials and attention to detail. The machine folds for easy storage when not in use.

Thanks to its gas spring system, it is easy to open and close without any additional pressure. The Mighty Foldable GHD has been tested to the highest ISO standards, ensuring a safe, reliable and durable product.

With this machine, you will be able to perform the exercises for buttocks and ischiocrurals with ease and safety.

*Notice: This product must be securely mounted on a stand, frame or wall.

Mighty Foldable GHD is available for purchase here

Mighty Oliphant Lateral Raise

The ultimate addition to your Mighty Series rigs and racks, the KingsBox Lateral Raise! It is made in Europe with high quality European steel and features an elegant black powder finish for a professional look in any gym environment.

This machine is specifically designed to work on the shoulder muscles and mimic the side lifts with dumbbells. With 2 independently mounted training arms, you can train one arm at a time for targeted muscle development.

What makes the KingsBox Lateral Raise unique is its ability to create an ideal resistance curve that adapts to the strength curve of the shoulder muscle. This means that you can achieve the perfect endurance throughout your arc of motion, achieving a more effective and efficient workout.

Adjusting the machine to your needs is simple thanks to the gas spring system, which removes most of the weight when adjusting the height. Despite its robust construction, the KingsBox Lateral Raise is surprisingly easy to adjust, allowing you to quickly switch between exercises and maintain the flow of your workout. The machine is compatible with standard 50 mmplates, allowing you to easily add weight to your workout as you progress.

The Mighty Oliphant Lateral Raise is available for purchase here


Every time we return from events like this one at FIBO, we realize that the fitness world is in constant motion. There are really hundreds of innovations and thanks to these experiences, we can always confront many professionals who always give us many food for thought.

One thing we can tell you, stay tuned on our channels, there will be many surprises!

See you soon!

FIBO 2023 | Here are the news presented by KingsBox
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FIBO 2023 | Here are the news presented by KingsBox
FIBO 2023 | Read the article to learn all the news presented by KingsBox at the largest European fitness fair
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