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Sportswear | How to dress according to the type of discipline

Many times we are asked by our customers how to choose clothing for the type of sport they practice, being also manufacturers of sportswear, we decided to create a very useful guide to try to make clarity and give some advice on what type of clothing to use, including accessories to practice their own discipline in safety and comfortably.

Let’s start now, we decided to divide our guide according to the type of sport, so as to give a convenient and practical reading key.

Cross Training clothing

How to dress for Cross Training, Functional Fitness ? The answer is very simple :

If we are “amateurs” and we have just started practicing this type of discipline, we can choose a very simple type of clothing.

To start we could buy a set of 3 T-shirts and shorts for men and leggings and women’s tank tops.

Remember, this type of sport makes you sweat a lot, and it is a good idea to always carry a change during training.

What type of sports clothing from Cross Training buy

The answer is again given by our experts, here is a list of Kingsbox branded products comfortable, durable and cheap to start your sports adventure.

Cross Training clothing for men

Here is a series of essential clothing to start training in safety and comfort

Men’s Training Shorts

Lightweight and comfortable, these shorts are perfect for your daily workout. Here is the link to the product

Men’s Training Pants

Comfortable long pants with two pockets. The material is light and dries quickly. Here is the link to the product.

Bonus advice

Remember that Cross Training is a sport that requires a type of comfortable clothing, but also durable, our shorts offer all the freedom of movement you need by combining resistance of materials with comfort during the most varied exercises. Our advice is to buy at least 2 pairs so you always have a quick change even during the winter months.

Men’s Training T-shirt

Our collection of T-shirts is really varied, at this link you can find all our models available to ensure you always a replacement t-shirt during the most challenging training sessions.

Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

T-shirt with long sleeves and hood. The material is elastic and breathable. Here is the link to the product.

Cross training sportswear for women

Here is a series of essential clothing to start training in safety and comfort for her too.

Kingsbox women sports pants

Our women’s sport pants are also ideal for leisure, thanks to the combination of materials are slightly elastic, breathable and dry immediately. The high elastic waistband with cords and two side pockets make them very comfortable and comfortable. Here is the link to the product.


Comfortable, resistant, colorful and fashionable, thanks to our sporty leggings your training sessions will always be perfect. Choose from this link the model you like so that you can buy the perfect model for you.

Sport shorts

For sports shorts, we propose two alternatives in particular.

The black Kingsbox Womens Classic Sweat Shorts with high waist that will allow you to perform any exercise in comfort available at this address

and the Women’s Booty Shorts excellent during the hardest workouts, the high waist offers comfort, while the color will give your look a very stylish touch available at this link

Sports tank tops

Comfortable, durable, colorful. Our sports tank tops are perfect for your workouts, but also why not, for your free time, choose at least 2 to be sure even during the hottest days. Available at this address.

Sports bras

Many colors and as many models, to offer you maximum safety and comfort. With our sports bras there will be no more unbeatable limits. Choose the perfect one for you at this address.

Women’s sports shirt Zip Up

Long sleeved shirt with active hood for sports and leisure, perfect to protect even during outdoor training sessions. Available at this link.

Woman’s Training T-shirt

The queens are spoiled, there is no doubt about that!

Just for them we made our T-shirts of high quality with different prints. Whether in training or leisure, these shirts will catch the eye of many, available in different colors and design at this address.


In this guide we have seen how to choose our sportswear to practice disciplines such as Crosstrainig, Functional Fitness, Crossfit® and much more.

Now you no longer have excuses know what to buy to bring your fitness status to a superior level with style 🙂


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