Let’s share again | Kingsbox wishes for the reopening of the gyms

Finally we are. We start again!

Finally the gyms, the functional fitness centers, the personal trainer studios and the boxes of CrossFit®reopen. We have lived together with all our customers very hard moments, but we have overcome them, together, once again. Finally winning this tough battle.

The Kingsbox team has never often of being at the side of its customers, customers who over time have become friends and respected partners, common people who have given us every one in their own way, the chance to grow and become bigger and bigger.

We have set up dozens of gyms, boxes of CrossFit®, functional training centers, personal training studios. Our only purpose since the foundation of Kingsbox has always been to offer the best training tools available on the market, at the best price possible, without ever forgetting the human relationship that we have always put in first place.

Successful partner

We have witnessed and participated in great commercial successes, we have seen the birth of gyms that are now real institutions in the national panorama. We rejoiced with them of the successes achieved, with pride and awareness of having been strategic partners of these successes.

All this fills us with pride, we consider net of the economic and professional success, the achievement of these results, a certificate of indirect esteem towards us, aware of having contributed in part to the success of many new commercial activities in the world of fitness.

It’s been a very complicated few months, but we never doubted, not even for a moment of our actions and most importantly we have never doubted your trust and esteem for us, we have used all our strength and expertise to offer a service without interruption, especially at a time when borders closed, did not allow easy procurement of materials.

United we win

We survived. Yes, we can say that and we can afford to use such a narrow term in its excellence given the situation that we have spent and we have done it all together, remaining united, showing when a community like fitness can be joined.

A great many people lost a loved one during this pandemic, either directly or indirectly. This virus has dug very deep into our lives, many small fitness entrepreneurs, have failed to survive with their activities and this for us is a real blow to the heart and to them go our prayers and we wish you a speedy recovery.

Let’s finally move on

Today is the time to turn the page, finally you see a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, the world seems to be winning one of the hardest battles fought in recent years by mankind. Returning to normality is an act of courage that we must impose, with the knowledge that only by respecting the rules we could come back to finally rejoice once again of our successes, together.

Let’s share

We are ready to start again, together with you, to live thousands of small victories. A PR, the first double unders, those damn muscle ups that you finally managed to close, distant but close, with the pride of knowing that you are using one of our products, come into the world with the same determination as your successes.

We wait for you on the floor, to sweat, suffer, win, once again, together.

Kingsbox staff.


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