Royal and Mighty Series in comparison | Let’s get to know them better

How many times have you read on our store the word Royal and Mighty preceding the name of one of our products? So many definitely 🙂 Today we want to explain in a simple way the difference between our two lines of products.

Before we begin it is necessary to make a clarification, here at Kingsbox there are no lines of “cheap” products although there are the best prices in the current market. What distinguishes our equipment production from elliptical cross trainer, Strongman, Calisthenics is the quality of the materials and the attention in the design.

Yes, that’s right. Our team is formed among other things by CAD designers who realize from scratch the products that you can buy on the website or that furnish centina of gyms and box of Crossfit all over the world.

Chain of controlled production

Nothing is left to chance, each product is first imagined, then designed and then put into production. Once the prototype is made, resistance and durability tests are carried out to always offer you a product that meets your expectations.

All our products, starting from design to the final realization, thanks to the contribution of certified companies, are subjected to testing that go beyond the reference standards, our mission has always been to create products of superior quality at a price accessible to all.

Why two product lines?

The answer is very simple, to meet the needs of our customers. Our strong point has always been to listen and share the impressions of athletes, box owners and home consumer customers.

Knowing the needs of all our customers helps us a lot the design of new products or the improvement of existing products. Who better than those who use our equipment every day, can give feedback on our work.

Differences between line Royal and Mighty

Nothing is better than this image to give the sense of our comparison between the different Royal and Mighty lines. As you can see yourself in this picture, are depicted two section of columns of our Rig, the quality of the product is virtually identical.

Our Rigs are designed and built by our experienced team. We design the our Rigs from start to finish. This is how we ensure safety, quality and sophisticated design at the same time. In addition to this all our Rigs have a European Production Certificate.

What changes is the size of the high-quality steel tube profile used in this case.

Our Royal series Rigs, have a square tubular section made of high quality steel of 60mm

Our Mighty series Rigs have a square tubular section made of high quality steel of 80mm

What remains the same in the two product lines?

Virtually all the quality of the Kingsbox brand to which you have always been accustomed.

  1. Same high quality steel
  2. Same professional powder coating
  3. Same premium galvanized bolts
  4. Same design expertise
  5. Same stress tests to offer you a safe product

Which line to choose

As with every product we allow ourselves to make some further consideration on the choice of your product line, and here are then the advantages in buying one line rather than another.

Royal Kingsbox line

Our standard line that offers quality and performance out of the ordinary. Made with the best raw materials, designed, manufactured and tested in Europe.

We assume that the choice is very subjective, choose the Royal series will allow you to buy a higher quality product at a lower price than the Mighty series. With its 60mm wide profiles, it allows to realize rigs, racks, of excellent workmanship that are equally resistant and light. All products in the Royal line meet the strictest safety standards and are used in hundreds of Crossfit boxes, gyms and home gym.

Mighty Kingsbox Line

The word Mighty comes from English and means POWERFUL, STRONG.

If you need a product that supports huge loads, or prefer to choose a structure that is in its entirety powerful, the choice of the Mighty line is the right one.

The mechanical resistance obviously increases depending on the size of the support and the supporting structure and having a profile of well 80mm will allow you to realize also from the design side works without any limit.

A rig, a rack, a bench of the Mighty series will allow you to train with a product virtually indestructible that will be able to withstand even the biggest athletes who use huge loads.


Whether Mighty or Royal choose to buy a Kingsbox product always guarantees you quality, safety and savings without compromise. If you have any doubts or questions about it please contact us by email at our references:

Thank you for coming to the end of this article.


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