Olympic barbell bar | The ultimate guide to choosing a barbell bar

What is the best Olympic barbell bar of 2019 ? How has the market evolved in the last year. Let’s discover together in this guide, how to choose the right barbell for your sport.

As a box owner or as a simple enthusiast know that this is one of the most important investments to make and take care of. A good barbell must have certain characteristics and must have certain standards to be considered as such. In this article we will talk about how to choose the right Olympic barbell from CrossFit® or Crosstraining.

The barbells from CrossFit®, Crosstraining, Powerlifting, Wheightlifting, are not all the same and are not all made with the same materials. I differ from many of them. Making the wrong choice of a barbell might bring you a series of really unpleasant chain issues later on then here is a step by step guide to choose the best barbell for your needs.

Let’s start with the terminology and specifications to always keep in mind when buying an Olympic barbell.

What is an Olympic barbell?

An Olympic barbell from CrossFit® has certain characteristics and is used specifically for this sport. An Olympic barbell from CrossFit® or Crosstraining for example has specific standard dimensions that are below:

Men’s Olympic barbell:

  1. Weight 20 kg
  2. Grip diameter 28 mm
  3. Length 220 cm

Women’s Olympic barbell :

  1. Weight 15kg
  2. Grip diameter 25 mm
  3. Length 205 cm

Olympic barbell bar Junior :

  1. Weight 10kg
  2. Grip diameter 25 mm
  3. Length 150-180 cm

Building materials

The building materials of this type of barbell are high quality steel and chrome for the top coating to protect against sweat corrosion, magnesite, in addition are equipped with roller bearings to speed up all the exercises that need a quick rotation, see Clean&jerk and have a high response to the storage of elastic energy that is obtained with a mixture of dedicated metals.

But why stop there ? We also discover other types of barbells for sports such as weightlifting, powerlifiting and more. Let us see together the difference between the types of barbells.

Difference between Olympic barbell and powerlifting barbell

A powerlifting barbell differs from an Olympic barbell thanks to many features.

A powerlifting barbell is first and foremost more rigid, such rigidity is used to better adapt to heavier loads and logically offer more stability during the lift, different is also the elasticity of the type of barbell. In fact, a characteristic of the Olympic barbells is precisely the elasticity called in jargon “whip” which is nothing more than the ability to store elastic energy.

An Olympic barbell from CrossFit® for example differs from a powerlifting one also thanks to a different knurling. The so-called “grip marks” are closer and are used to control the positions of the hands in official competitions unlike the Olympic barbells where such “grip marks” are nothing more than reference points.

Another difference is the use of bushings in the barbells from powerlifting instead of the roller bearings used in the Olympic ones, since these special barbells do not require rotation speed, on the contrary.

So, to sum up. Most powerlifting barbells have the same weight and size as an Olympic barbell, but are designed with less whip and stronger knurling.

How to understand if the Olympic barbell is of quality ?

An Olympic barbell must have certain characteristics to be considered of quality. The standards to use to choose a quality product are :

  • Coating: Hard chrome or other coatings as ceramic compound
  • Diameter: 28 mm
  • Length: 220 cm (2200 mm)
  • Sleeve length: 415 mm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50 mm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Minimum carrying load : 450 kg
  • 4 roller bearings
  • PSI Minimum : 190.000 PSI

Where to buy a quality Olympic barbell bar ?

The companies that sell and produce sport barbells from CrossFit®, Crosstraining, Powerlifting and other sports are really many. We at Kingsbox have always pledged to offer you the best of European production on the market. Our research and development department has been working for years to offer its customers always the best product at the best price.

Here is a series of our products proudly MADE IN EUROPE.

Women’s Olympic barbell bar : Queens Bar

Bilanciere olimpico donna

The Queens Bar is the female version of our best-selling Olympic barbell bar Kings Bar. Designed for women’s hands, it has a diameter of 25 mm and a less rough knurling. Without central knurling, it has a double marking to facilitate the grip. The barbell bar is great for weightlifting as well as for the toughest WOD. The Queens Bar women’s Olympic barbell bar withstands up to a maximum load of 300 kg and the tensile strength test has shown that it has 180,000 PSI

Men’s Olympic Barbell Bar Kings II

The best-selling men’s Olympic barbell, the new generation of the best-selling product of the Kingsbox brand, the Kings Bar. This men’s Olympic barbell bar has a diameter of 28 mm and weighs 20 kg. Like the previous version, this barbell bar for lifting weights remains faithful to the double knurling medium-strong, which in addition to ensuring a solid grip and also suitable for all types of training, from power-lifting to weightlifting, up to all types of Wods. The barbell bar can withstand up to a maximum load of 450 kg and tensile strength tests have shown that it can withstand up to 190,000 PSI.


In this wonderful guide you have been able to learn the basics to safely purchase our Olympic barbells. We thank you for arriving until the end of the article and we invite you for any other doubts to contact one of our members of the customer support team so that we can offer you all the support in choosing the best product.


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