How to choose the perfect kettlebell for your workout

What is the best kingsbox kings box for your workout? it’s not an easy question.

Kettlebells are not all the same, although they may seem similar to a less experienced eye, they have very important differences between them.

A kettlebell can be as unique as the way you train and finding the perfect fit can ensure you to get the most out of your workouts.

Kettlebells all seem to look similar in design, but that’s not really the case. Through this guide you will learn that there are multiple factors that make each kettlebell unique.

Follow us and discover the kettlebell universe together.

What a quality kettlebell looks like

A good kettlebell should be able to handle literally any task, should be robust and functional, to support any type of training.

Kettlebell for fitness and home use

Miglior Kettlebell uso domestico

The best kettlebell for home workouts should be built well, focused on performance, but above all, it should be used in combination with a fall-resistant rubber floor so as not to damage the underlying surfaces, in case of accidents.

Home workouts with kettlebell can be performed in multiple areas of the house. For this reason, we think that the KingsBox cast iron Kettlebell is the best choice for home training.

Who should buy a kettlebell for home use?

  1. Fitness lovers who own a home gym or like to work out at home.
  2. Athletes planning to train outdoors in their own garden in complete safety.
  3. Budget conscious buyers who need quality product at the right price.

Kingsbox competition kettlebells

Miglior Kettlebell da competizione

A competition kettlebell must be made with care and have features that allow it to be used in a competition such as the correct standard dimensions.

A professional competition kettlebell not only meets the standard size required to compete, but is built to last over time.

The competition Kettlebell 2.0 meets all requirements of international standards and is made of durable steel. In addition, the handles of these kettlebells are a bit thinner and can be easily sprinkled with magnesium, which will allow, even for those with small hands, a comfortable and safe grip.

Who should buy a kingsbox kettlebell

  1. Professional athletes who love to train with quality products that justify the investment
  2. Gyms that have professional kettlebell courses
  3. Users who wish to train with this type of competition kettlebell

Kettlebell for beginners

Miglior Kettlebell per principianti

An excellent Kettlebell for beginners has a clean style. It is well made, durable and has a handle and a structure that can accommodate any type of bone morphology.

Kingsbox cast iron kettlebell line has grown in popularity to become the best seller, thanks to its excellent coating resistant to damage from fall and wear, in addition the flat bottom makes it versatile for training of any beginner athlete. The special finish also offers an always solid and safe grip.

Who should buy this Kettlebell for beginners?

Novice athletes and sportsmen who need a versatile kettlebell to cope with all types of training.

Fitness enthusiasts that want a product that lasts.

Professionals who want to get serious with kettlebell workouts and who need a kettlebells to deal with both static and dynamic exercises.

Kettlebell Kingsbox for functional training

Miglior Kettlebell per il CrossFit

Functional fitness kettlebells require a key feature to function properly and this is versatility. Functional fitness workouts take many forms and need equipment that does the same.

Who should buy a kettlebell for functional workouts?

Athletes who want a kettlebell that has as its core built its strength.

The athlete who is budget conscious and needs a high-performance product in terms of cost.

Beginners who are approaching the functional training and want a quality product at the right price.

Kettlebell for small hands

The diameters of the handles vary slightly depending on the type of kettlebell you choose to buy, which is why it is important to choose the right kettlebell for those with smaller hands.

The handle of the kettlebell competition line is small compared to the cast iron kettlebell line. In fact the handle slightly smaller, designed for versatile workouts allows the use even for athletes with smaller hands, allowing you to use this type of kettlebell safely.

Who should buy kettlebell kingsbox for small hands?

Athletes who need a smaller handle width to fit smaller hands and longer training sessions.

Fitness enthusiasts who want a kettlebell with a flat bottom finish and a handle that works with and without magnesite.

Conclusions and advice of purchase

Before making any purchases, consider how you train and evaluate the main feature of buying a kettlebell. Remember to look for a product that fits your budget, also providing the usage warranty specifications your needs.

If you need help, visit our blog where you will find dozens of informative articles that will help you acquire awareness in the purchase of training materials.


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