KingsBox presents the Rack Leg Extension for ROYAL and MIGHTY Series

KingsBox is pleased to present the Leg Extension Rack for ROYAL and MIGHTY Series. A revolutionary device that will allow you to train quadriceps without buying expensive isometric machines, allowing you to train comfortably in your home gym with just one machine.

What do you need? Just a rig or rack from our ROYAL or MIGHTY series to hook up our Leg Extension Rack.

But before I introduce you to our new creature a bit of information regarding this exercise.

Rack Leg Extension

Leg Extension

One of the most appreciated exercises by gym goers around the world.

Leg extension exercises or how it translates into Italian leg extension add strength to hip flexion and train quadriceps.

Obviously there are different exercises for quadriceps like lunges, squats and deadlifts. But all these exercises do not isolate the quadriceps muscle effectively as an extension of the leg.

Another exercise called reverse leg extension works opposite to quadriceps and strengthens back muscles.

Rack Leg Extension

Trained muscles

The muscles that are trained with leg extensions are the quadriceps, the largest muscle group in the anterior region of the thigh. To be more precise, they are open-chain kinetic exercises, which means that in addition to the quadriceps, the leg is also activated.

Leg extensions are an effective training for the lower body that will strengthen the patellar ligament of the knees and the attacks of the quadriceps. It focuses more on strengthening the quadriceps than any other muscle in the body.

Rack Leg Extension

Advantages of the exercise

Leg extensions are an isolation technique for quadriceps and can be performed after compound exercises such as deadlifts and squats. Such exercises will selectively restrain the muscles, unlike other leg exercises in which many muscles train, dispersing much less energy.

Rack Leg Extension

KingsBox Leg Extension Rack

Exercise machines dedicated to leg extension are usually large and take up a lot of space needed for training.

We wanted to create an alternative and space-saving option with the same function. That’s how our accessory was born. It is quick and easy to attach to your Royal Rig or Rack with just one pin. The legs are covered with memory foam and PU leather for optimal comfort.

Our new device is loaded with bumpers, which means you can use any standard bumpers or disc with a hole diameter of 50mm to add weight to your leg extension training.

If you are interested in knowing the price here is the link to the version for structures MIGHTY and for structures ROYAL

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