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KingsBox presents the new The fierce princess horizontal row

KingsBox is pleased to present the new The fierce princess horizontal row. The revolutionary horizontal row machine of the seire MAD.

Before presenting our machine in detail we discover something more about this type of exercise


Weight training has become a key element in the world of fitness and health.

One of the most popular machines used in many gyms is the “horizontal row machine”. This versatile tool is fundamental for the development of strength in the upper body and offers numerous advantages for those who use it. In this article, we will explore in detail the horizontal row machine, covering how it is used, who invented it, what it serves and what muscles are trained.

How to Use the Horizontal Row Machine

The horizontal row machine is designed to perform horizontal traction exercises, involving pulling or pushing a bar or handles while sitting on an adjustable support.

How to use:

Height adjustment:

The first thing to do is to adjust the height of the chest support or seat so that it is suitable for your height. This adjustment is essential to ensure that the tool is suitable for your body and that you can perform the exercises correctly.

Positioning of Hands:

Place your hands on the handles or bar and make sure you have a firm grip. The grip width can vary depending on the training goal and personal preference.

Execution of the Exercise:

Once positioned correctly, pull or push the bar or handles towards you. This movement mainly involves the muscles of the back, shoulders and biceps. Be sure to maintain a correct posture during exercise to avoid injury and get maximum benefits.

Release and Repeat: After performing the exercise, slowly release the bar or handles and repeat the movement for the desired number of repetitions. The amount of weight you use and the number of sets and repetitions depend on your training goals.

The History of the Horizontal Row Machine

The history of the horizontal row machine has roots in upper body training and the desire to create more effective and ergonomic tools to develop strength. Although there is not a single individual who can be credited as the inventor of this machine, its evolution over time is noteworthy.

The first versions of this machine date back to the period when weight training was starting to gain popularity in the early 20th century.

However, early machines were often rudimentary and had limited versatility compared to those used today.

Over the years, engineering and design have made significant progress, leading to the current highly adjustable and customizable version of the horizontal row machine.

Today, the horizontal row machine is widely used in gyms around the world and has become an essential tool for anyone wishing to train the muscles of the back, shoulders and biceps.

The Benefits of Using the Horizontal Row Machine

Regular use of the horizontal row machine offers a number of benefits for upper body training. Here are some of the main reasons why this tool is so popular:

Development of Strength:

The horizontal row machine is effective for the development of strength in the upper body, especially in the muscles of the back, shoulders and biceps.

Improved Posture:

Using the horizontal row machine properly helps to improve posture, as it strengthens the muscles of the back and shoulders, helping to prevent problems related to posture.

Variety in Training:

The horizontal row machine offers a variety of exercises that can be performed to stimulate the muscles in different ways, making the workout more interesting and effective.


You can adjust the strength and height of the support to adapt the tool to your needs and goals.

Reduction of Risk of Accidents:

The horizontal row machine allows you to perform controlled and safe exercises, reducing the risk of injuries compared to free weight exercises.

Muscles Train with the Horizontal Row Machine

The horizontal row machine is a highly effective tool for training a number of key muscles in the upper body. Here is an overview of the main muscles trained while using this machine:

Back muscles (Back muscles):

Exercises on the horizontal row machine mainly stress the dorsal muscles, including the large dorsal and trapezium. These muscles are essential for a strong and well-defined back.

Back deltoid (Shoulder):

Horizontal traction exercises also involve the rear deltoid, helping to develop a sturdy shoulders back.


During the traction phase, the muscles of the arm, especially the biceps, are widely engaged to pull the bar or handles towards the body.

Trapezium (Neck Muscles):

The upper and middle trapezium can be targeted through training with the horizontal row machine, improving the strength and stability of the neck and shoulders.

Gheroni (Rhomboids):

These muscles, located between the spine and the shoulder blade, are worked significantly during horizontal traction exercises.

Core Stabilizing Muscles:

To maintain a correct posture while exercising on the horizontal row machine, the core stabilizer muscles are activated to support the trunk.

The Fierce Princess Horizontal Row

Improve your back muscles training with our machine The Fierce Princess Horizontal Row.

Equipped with two independent levers and an adjustable chest support, this machine ensures effective and variable workouts. With a maximum load of 70 kg per lever, rotating handles and adjustable seat and chest rest, it offers a customizable and easy to use experience.

Entirely produced in Europe

The machine is entirely produced in Europe with the best European materials. To ensure durability, it is coated with cover powder produced in Germany. You can choose the product from different standard colors, but if you can’t find what you want, you can contact us at for more details.

Two independent training levers. Adjustable chest rest. Rotating handles. Height adjustable seat support


The horizontal row machine is an extremely versatile training machine that offers numerous benefits for strengthening the upper body. Thanks to its history of evolution and the ability to train a number of key muscles, it has become an essential tool in gyms around the world.

By properly using this tool, you can develop a strong back, improve posture and get better muscle definition in the upper body. So, if you are looking for an effective way to train your back, shoulders and biceps muscles, the horizontal row machine is an option to consider.


KingsBox presents the new The fierce princess horizontal row
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KingsBox presents the new The fierce princess horizontal row
The best horizontal row machine is here. Discover The fierce princess horizontal row created entirely in Europe by Kingsbox.
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