Choosing the right rig structure for your gym – a buyers guide

If you are trying to equip your garage gym or planning to open a brand new sports center you only want to choose the best. Well, the best option for you. And finding the best option requires research.

Don’t worry, this article will list all the key features you should be mindful of and all the different advantages and disadvantages of different Rig structures.


What you should consider before choosing a Rig?

A list of things you should consider so the Rig you end up choosing will fit your and your customers’ needs.

How many pull up/squat stations the Rig has: Imagine this, you spend a lot of money for a Rig structure just to find out it doesn’t have enough squat stations. Check that your the rig has enough Pull Up stations, barbell holders for squat stations and an option to hand your gymnastic rings. Consider first how many people you want to train at the same time and what type of training you want to teach. Then make sure your Rig enables all that.

The structure should be stable, don’t waste your money on Rigs that wiggle and woggle when you are doing your muscle-ups. The rig should be firmly fixed to the floor or the wall.

The price. The price for rig structure can be very pricy or very cheap, but there is not a definite rule that says that the cheapest Rig means low quality. If you make your research you can find a quality rig that you will not have to rob a bank for. There may be a special offer or a bargain.

The Rig should be made to last. You should invest in a  Rig that will last you for years, trough all that pull-ups, muscle-ups that will be performed on it daily. Before you buy, consider different brands, read the reviews and forums.

Optimize the space. You can find rigs in all shapes and sizes. The rig you en up choosing will be affected by the space you have. If you have just a part of the garage or the whole warehouse, the end product will look different. Optimize the rig so that the space you have left for free weight training will benefit. The best manufacturers will consider your wishes and needs to customize the end result.

Different brands offer custom options:


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