T- box Case

T Box Casestudy

Client: T-Box
Space available: 230 square meters space for CrossTraining, weightlifting and Open Gym
Location: Izola, Slovenija
Needs: Custom Rig, Flooring, Turf
Contact: Teo Masten (Head Coach)

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Teo came to us and said he had found a place that was perfect for a Cross Box. It had very tall ceilings and a lot of open space. There was enough room for locker rooms and a training hall for 15 people.
It seemed perfect, but as always there was a “but” – T box had one problem. The place Teo found was an old mechanical workshop for trucks. It had a huge hole in the middle of the room. The hole was 10m long and 2m wide. Also, Teo had a limited budget, so we had to be creative with the solutions we would offer.

T Box Before


The place that Teo found is located close to KingsBox headquarters and we had the opportunity to see the place in person multiple times before we offered our solutions.
We thought that the hole in the middle of the room was a very problematic, as the weights could not be dropped at that spot. If it weren’t for that hole, a wall rig would work perfectly. But that would mean that the box would have to ban “weights dropping”. and that was not a suitable solution for us or for Teo.
Together we found the perfect answer. The hole was closed with sturdy wooden boards. The wood was then covered with artificial grass.

T Box Work in progress

We opted for red-colored artificial grass to complement the T-Box logo. Thinking of the budget we selected the Royal rig, also in red. The rest of the floor was covered in black 2cm thick, 1 square meter big rubber tiles. T-box also has 4 wooden weightlifting platforms suitable for heavy lifting sessions.


We added the standard equipment that every cross-box needs. Barbells, bumpers, microplates, plyo boxes, rings, ropes, haltèress, kettlebells, cardio machines, storage system, etc. Enough for Teo to start his dream. Now he is constantly adding new equipment to the box, like Mighty GHD, Dip Bars, Starter bars, etc.

The T-Box gym is suitable for everyone. It’s a perfect example of how you can turn an area far from suitable into a fully functional Box.

The main charm about T-Box is the open space and simplicity of the whole place. There are no unnecessary products that only take up space and are never needed and rarely used. All of the equipment is stored on one spot, ready for every class.

We must say that we were a bit shocked when we first saw the place. But with good planning and a great idea, the place that used to be a mechanical workshop is now one of the leading gyms in the coastal area of Slovenia.


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