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With Soisy you buy your sports equipment in installments

Thanks to the partnership between KingsBox and Soisy buying sports equipment for your CrossTraining box, your Home Gym or your Personal Trainer Studio has never been easier!

From now on, you can choose INSTALLMENT PAYMENT WITH SOISY as your preferred payment method to comfortably buy all the equipment you need to start your business or to build the home gym of your dreams.

if you don’t know how to pay by installments for gym equipment with Soisy don’t worry: read this article to discover everithing there is to know.

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How the payment by installments with Soisy works

Paying with Soisy allows you to pay for your purchase on our online store. Here is a guide on all the steps needed to proceed with the purchase of your gym equipment in installments.

Step 1 : Choose your product

Choose the product you want to buy and make sure it has the payment option : installments with SOISY

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Step 2 : Add to cart

Once you have chosen the product you want to buy, add it to your cart and continue shopping, in case you want to buy more than one product.

Come acquistare a rate con Soisy

Step 3: Go to the order summary page

Once you have completed the purchases, go to the order summary page where you can enter all the data necessary to proceed with the purchase of your sports equipment in installments.

Pagamento a rate attrezzatura da CrossFit Soisy

Step 4: Complete the order

Once you have gone to the CONCLUDE ORDER page you can choose between various payment methods, if you have decided to buy your gym equipment in installments with Soisy. Follow the instructions below and choose COMPLETE ORDER ON SOISY.

Istruzioni su come acquistare attrezzatura da CrossFit a rate con Soisy

Step 5: Enter data on the SOISY platform

Once you click on COMPLETE THE ORDER ON SOISY you will be redirected to the SOISY site for the approval of the financing, then enter your TAX CODE and choose from the drop-down menu the TYPE OF PROFESSION you do.

Enter all the necessary data as documents attesting a real income, address and contacts.

Come completare ordine acquisto attrezzatura sportiva a rate con Soisy

Video with explanation on how to purchase with SOISY

To make sure  that you understood all the steps to follow we have attached a video that will show step-by-step how to enquire for funding.


SOISY funding is only applicable for purchases by individuals. Therefore, purchases by companies or sports clubs are excluded.

The installment payment is valid only for orders over 250€

– Orders from 250€ up to 1000€, payable in 4 instalments

– Orders over 1000€ up to 2000€, payable in 12 instalments

– Orders over 2000€ up to 3000€, payable in 18 instalments

– Orders over 3000€ up to 15,000€, you can choose how many installments to pay, from 3 to 36 months


After entering all of your data on the SOISY website and making sure it was all validated, your order will be subject to approval for the financing that may take up to 24 hours.


As you can see from this article buying your gym equipment in installments with SOISY is really simple. If you still need further clarification, please contact us at

Now that you are ready you just have to visit our online store and buy the gym equipment that you have always wanted.


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