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Office Gym | Make your employees happy and increase your profits

In the Anglo-Saxon countries, having an office gym is now considered a standard. America (see tech giants like Google or Facebook) has been the first one to understand the immense benefits that an office gym can bring to both its employees and the company itself.

If you own a business, having a gym for your employees could bring enormous long-term benefits. It often happens that your employees work long hours, perhaps sitting in front of a desk for most of their time.

Such sedentary lifestyle can have many harmful effects, including an increased likelihood of developing diseases such as obesity and more.

Although it is the employee’s responsibility to take care of their health, as an employer you should be interested in promoting a healthy workforce. One way to improve the physical fitness of your employees is to invest in a corporate gym. The long-term benefits could far outweigh the initial cost.

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A set like this in the photo could be perfect to start building your office gym at a low cost.

Benefits of an office gym

Constant work stress and frustration can reduce the productivity of your employees. Offering your employees, a convenient means of releasing tension could indirectly improve the profits of your company. It might sound strange, but it’s the truth.

Helping your employees find time to exercise more easily will improve their health and well-being, which will increase their productivity and bring significant financial benefits to your business.

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Here is an example of our headquarters: we’ve experienced the benefits of an office gym ourselves.

Increased productivity

A cost-benefit analysis of company gyms found that for every Euro spent on equipment, up to 5 Euros were saved in services related to the health of their employees.

Companies that have started a fitness programme for their workers have benefited instantly from this investment: the results were a drastic reduction of sick leaves and the increased productivity.

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Improved mood

A healthy and fit employee is a happy employee. Regular exercise, at least three times a week, helps promote the release of endorphins, which improves the mood. Exercise also helps you sleep better and have more energy during the day.

A positive and energetic workforce collaborates better and transmits this energy back to its customers, which means that investing in a corporate gym could improve both the productivity of your company and the quality of the service offered to your customers.

A gym in the office can be a very interesting advantage for your employees. This can improve the company’s ability to hire new workers as well as retain already hired ones. The prospect of saving money otherwise spent on a gym membership serves as an important financial incentive for them.

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By having an office gym, you spare your employees from wasting valuable time driving to a gym and back.

Employees will appreciate the ability to use their spare time more productively. Being able to train during the lunch break helps them improve their free time management.

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