collaborazione kingsbox e Under Armour

KingsBox and Under Armour together to offer you the best of sportswear

KingsBox is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the famous clothing brand Under Armour.

When two companies with the same intentions meet the outcome has no limit. KingsBox has always brought forward the values of sport aand it is a real pleasure to be able to collaborate with companies such as Under Armor, a leader in the fitness clothing industry.

The story of Under Armour

under armour innovazioni the shorty

Under Armour was founded on September 25, 1996, by Kevin Plank, aged 24. Just like KingsBox and many other successful companies, he began his journey in a garage, precisely in his grandmother’s basement in Washington, DC.

Kevin at the time spent a lot of time traveling along the American East Coast with nothing but clothes in the trunk of his car.

His first major sale came in late 1996. From his grandmother’s basement, Kevin Plank moved to Baltimore and the rest is history.

Becoming in a very short time one of the largest sports clothing companies in the world even today, Under Armour has decided to collaborate with KingsBox to reach a wider audience.

Technological innovations

under armour innovazioni


The built-in infrared technology gives you more energy, increasing your strength and endurance and reducing muscle fatigue.


This ultra soft fabric contains built-in moisturizing microspheres that are activated in contact with the skin. No creams, no further steps.


Thanks to an exclusive auxetic structure, it literally moldes to the body of each athlete. Greater comfort and stability, without having to stretch the fabric.


Thanks to the use of a flat yarn, designed to disperse body heat, and titanium dioxide that absorbs UV rays, this fabric not only keeps you fresh, but is really cool to the touch.

When you wear outerwear it often happens to be warm…


Unlike traditional insulation, this technology is not only warm from the start but it’s breathable, so when you train it releases excess heat by always ensuring the optimal temperature.


Lightweight, invisible and ultra breathable: you won’t even notice it on you. But when it starts raining, you won’t get wet.


Thanks to its strength and softness, the UA Flow cushioning does not require a rubber sole. It is lighter, adheres better to the surfaces and makes you run faster


The cushioning is usually too soft or too reactive: UA HOVR offers the best of both worlds. When you touch the ground, it helps your strides to push you forward.

Each step has a maximum impact of three times your weight…


All kinds of cushioning absorb impacts, right? But some do it better than others. The UA Charged cushioning is soft and responsive as you run, but at the same time it protects you, kilometer by kilometer.


With three key contact points and a flexible design, the tribase UA outsole has maximized contact with the ground without sacrificing mobility.

What you can find in our online store

Thanks to our collaboration with Under Armour you can find many new products on our online store. From the technical clothing for men and women.

Men’s clothing Under Armour

Buy Under Armour men’s sportswear here

Women’s clothing Under Armour

Buy here women’s sportswear Nder Armour

Training shoes

Training shoes available at this address for purchase

Gym bags

Gym bags available at this address for purchase


We are very proud to have Under Armour as a business partner, we are waiting for you on our online store to offer you many cutting-edge products for your workouts.


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