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Tom Platz: The King of Steel Leg Squats

Today we want to tell you the story of one of the most iconic athletes in the world. The King of Squat Tom Plaz!

Tom Platz, born June 26, 1955 in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, is a legend in the world of bodybuilding. From a young age, Platz showed an extraordinary passion for fitness and an unparalleled determination in training. He began competing in bodybuilding in 1973, when he entered the Mr. Teenage America competition, finishing in second place. This was only the beginning of an extraordinary career.

In subsequent years, Platz amassed an impressive list of victories, including the Mr. America title in 1978 and third place at the prestigious Mr. Olympia in 1981. He is remembered primarily for his exceptional leg development, which became his signature and earned him the nickname “the man of steel legs”.

History and Method of Training

The history of Tom Platz in bodybuilding is marked not only by his successes, but also by his unique approach to training. Platz was famous for his extreme and intensive training style, constantly pushing his body to the limits. He was known for his Marathonian workouts and his incredible ability to endure pain and fatigue.

The training philosophy at Platz was based on the idea that only through total dedication and extreme commitment could exceptional results be achieved. He argued that the only way to achieve greatness in bodybuilding was to go beyond your limits and go beyond the normal resistance thresholds.

Iconic exercises

One of the most remarkable aspects of Tom Platz’s training regimen was his intense and focused exercises on the legs. He was known for his ability to perform squats with incredible weights, pushing his quadriceps to the absolute limit. He used to perform long series and high repetitions, giving all of himself to every single repetition.
His execution of squats was characterized by an extremely wide range of movement, with Platz going down to touch his thighs on the calves before rising. This technique, known as “ass to the grass” (from buttocks to grass), has become one of its distinctive features and an example of commitment and determination in the world of bodybuilding.

The Platz Theory on Squat

Tom Platz developed a unique theory of squat, arguing that this exercise was fundamental to building strong, muscular legs. According to him, squats were not just a physical exercise, but a metaphor for life itself. He believed that performing deep and challenging squats represented a willingness to overcome challenges and grow as individuals.

His squat theory was also based on the importance of proper technique and posture during the exercise. Platz argued that only a correct execution of the squats, both in terms of depth and posture, could achieve optimal muscle development and prevent injuries.

Some of Tom Platz’s favorite leg exercises, along with a brief explanation of how to perform them correctly:


Tom Platz was famous for his extreme squats. Place the barbell on your shoulders, slightly spread your legs over the width of your shoulders and lower as far as possible, keeping your back straight. Then, push through the heels to return to the standing position. Focus on the depth of movement and the correct technique.

Hack Squat

This exercise involves the quadriceps in an intense way. Place your feet on a platform, shoulders against the support and lower with your heels anchored, keeping your back straight. Then, extend your legs to return to the starting position.

Leg Press

Leg press is an excellent exercise for involving quads and buttocks. Lie on the car with your feet on the pedals and lower your knees. Push hard through your heels to extend your legs, then slowly return to your starting position.

Split Squat

Place one foot forward and the other back, keeping the distance between your feet. Bend the knee of the front foot and slowly lower the back knee to the floor, keeping your back straight. Then, push through the heel of the front foot to return to the initial position.

Leg Extension

This exercise focuses on quadriceps. Sitting on the leg extension machine, place your ankles behind the roller and raise your legs by extending your knees. Contract the quadriceps at the top of the movement, then slowly lower your legs to the starting position.
Remember that proper exercise performance is critical to preventing injuries and maximizing results. Before you try these exercises, be sure to consult a fitness professional to make sure they are suitable for your abilities and physical condition.

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Tom Platz: King of Steel Legs Squats
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Tom Platz: King of Steel Legs Squats
The story of Tom Platz the Bodybuilder who changed the way he trains his legs with his epic squats. Read Article
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