The Incredible Story of the Leg Press Machine: From Its Beginning Until Today

Story of the Leg Press Machine: From Its Beginning Until Today

The leg press machine has become an important equipment for leg training. Since it was invented, it has undergone several evolutions and has been widely used by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Let’s discover the fascinating history of this machine and how it has developed over the years.

The Origins of the Leg Press Machine

The leg press machine has its roots in endurance training, which dates back many centuries.

However, the modern version of the leg press machine was developed during the 20th century. The first leg press prototype was invented by a man named David Willoughby in the 1920s.

It was a rudimentary machine, consisting of an inclined platform where the user could push the weights with his feet.

The Evolution of the First Leg Press Machines

In the following years, the leg press machine underwent several changes and improvements.

In the 1950s, one of the leading fitness companies introduced its own version of the leg press machine.

This new design incorporated a cable mechanism and a more advanced resistance system, allowing a more precise and effective training of the leg muscles.

The Popularity of Leg Press Machines

In the 1970s and 1980s, the leg press machine became increasingly popular in gyms around the world.

Athletes and bodybuilders appreciated its ability to specifically isolate and train leg muscles, allowing them to develop strength and size in a targeted manner.

The use of the leg press machine quickly spread among fitness enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Variants and Advanced Features

In recent decades, several variants of the leg press machine have been developed to meet the needs and preferences of users.

One of the most common variants is the horizontal leg press, which simulates the horizontal pushing movement of the legs. Some machines allow you to adjust the inclination of the platform, allowing you to vary the angle of the exercise to involve different muscle groups.
In addition, modern leg press machines are equipped with advanced features, such as ergonomic backrests and safety systems to prevent injury during training. Many models are also equipped with digital displays to monitor resistance, number of repetitions and other useful information.

Curiosity about the Leg Press Machine

    1. The leg press machine has also been used in rehabilitation.
    2. Thanks to its ability to provide targeted and controlled training, it has been employed to help people recover the strength and mobility of the legs after injuries or surgery.
    3. Over the years, different styles of leg press machines have been developed. In addition to the above mentioned horizontal leg press, there are also variants such as the 45 degree leg press, which involves different muscle groups.
    4. The leg press machine is often used as an alternative to squat for those who may have mobility or balance problems. Using the machine allows you to exert more pressure on the muscles of the legs without having to support the weight on the back.
    5. Bodybuilders and athletes often use the leg press machine as a complement to traditional exercises such as squat. This allows them to work on the leg muscles differently and achieve a greater variety of stimuli.
    6. Training on the leg press machine can be customized by adjusting the amount of weight used. This allows users to adapt training intensity to their needs and abilities.
    7. The leg press machine has become a common presence in gyms around the world, offering an effective way to train leg muscles. Thanks to the continuous improvements and variants available, it continues to be a popular option for fitness enthusiasts and athletes looking to develop strength and size in their legs.


Which Leg Press Machine to choose

When looking for a leg press machine, it is important to evaluate several factors such as build quality, stability, adjustability, comfort and load capacity. Below I will give you some examples of popular leg press machine models that you might consider in your research:

      • Leg Press 45 Machine: This type of leg press machine is designed with a 45 degree angle and allows you to perform the exercise in a more vertical way. It is often equipped with a plate loading system, which allows you to gradually increase the resistance.
      • Leg Press Sled: This variant of the leg press machine uses a sled (sled) as a thrust platform. It can be adjustable in terms of angle and usually offers a large load capacity.
      • Hack Squat/Leg Press Combo Machine: Some combined machines allow you to perform both leg press exercise and squat hack, which involves leg muscles in slightly different ways. This type of machine offers versatility and can be an interesting choice for those who wish to vary their training.
      • Plate-Loaded Leg Press Machine: This type of leg press machine requires the addition of plate weights to increase the strength. It often offers good adjustability and the ability to load considerable weights.

Remember that it is always advisable to consult product reviews, check the build quality and evaluate the value for money before making a purchase.

We suggest you to evaluate some of our models like :

Kingsbox Sisypush Leg Press

The KingsBox Sisyphus leg press is made to last a lifetime and to withstand the constant daily weight training.

One of the main advantages of this leg press is the ability to allow each athlete to adjust the leg press according to their needs. The adjustable seat allows the user to find the perfect position for their build.

With the help of two handles you can adjust the start and end lifting position.

We paid special attention to safety and added a safety lock in the center of the machine, where you can adjust the lowest point of weight shift, so you are safe even if you fail to lift.

We also used 30 mm guides and linear bearings to make the weight plate move smoothly and without requiring special maintenance.
The leg press plate is made of thick steel and covered with a second plate with laser cut lines, which have non-slip function.

The Sisyphus Leg Press is also very intuitive and easy to use. When you first sit down, it takes about 30 seconds to understand how it works.
The machine is powder coated and is compatible with all standard Olympic weight plates with a hole diameter of 50 mm.

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The Mad King Leg Press

Already from the name we can understand that this leg press is a machine made for the training of the legs with thrusts that are a valid and safe alternative to squats.

The machine must be used by setting the angle of inclination of the backrest and seat in order to allow the user to sit comfortably and stably. Once seated on the machine, the user must put himself in the starting position, or place his feet on the place specially marked on the pressure plate in front of him.

Once you have taken the starting position, you can start by performing the exercise, pushing with your legs, stretching them, pressing the plate in front.

The mad kings leg press(1)

Once you reach the point of maximum extension (your legs fully extended), you start to bend your legs, allowing the plate to go back, until you reach the right angle between your thighs and calves. Performing the movement repeatedly increases the strength of the legs.

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