Introducing the KingsBox Pulley Tower | Gym Pulley System

We are proud to present the latest addition to our Mad series! The KingsBox Pulley Tower!

But before introducing the latest in the Mad series, let’s discover together the benefits of training with the pulley machines in the gym.

What are the advantages of exercises with cables?

Being able to perform exercises with different ranges of motion is one of the main advantages of including exercises with cable machines in your workout routine.

Using gym pulley machines for a few weeks can help you increase strength and overcome your plateau.

What makes cable exercises such a great workout?

Well, for starters, the gym pulley machines are different from a typical weight lifting machine that has a fixed motion path.

In fact, the pulley machines  allow the freedom to move in the way you want and to choose the path and movement of the exercise or movement.

They also provide a regular concentric and eccentric contraction, during exercise.

Our Pulley Tower for example also allows you to perform multiple exercise variations for multiple muscle groups and allows you to modulate the resistance.

In addition, this equipment is safe, and also allows beginners to decrease the likelihood of injury compared to classic free weights or traditional machines.

As the pulley machines are easy to use, you can quickly set them up, this allows you to move around and change exercise quickly during training.

Welcome to the Pulley Tower!

Our style is now clear to all our customers.

Functional and elegant, with stylistic and engineering solutions made to last.

Our Pulley Tower as well as being beautiful, elegant and decisive is also super durable to allow those who buy it to exploit it over time and have a real return on investment.

How our Pulley Tower is made

Each pulley station is a little different and offers different training options, so that, moving through all four stations, you perform a full body workout.

Thanks to its conformation, four athletes can train simultaneously.

Bridge Tower

The first station is the Bridge Tower and is equipped with a system of pulleys adjustable in height. This way it is possible to adapt to the different heights of the athletes involved in training and perform exercises at different levels.

Bridge Tower

Sling Tower

We called the second station the Sling Tower, which has a pair of static pulleys, one at the top and one at the bottom of the pillar.

Sling Tower

Drawbridge Tower

Drawbridge Tower is the stage name of the third station, the lat pull down machine allows you to train the muscle group of the shoulders.

Drowbridge Tower

Ram Tower

The last is the Ram Tower, equipped with an integrated bench for rowing exercises.

Ram Tower

All the pulley systems in the Pulley Tower are weighed down by stacks of weights. Sling Tower and Bridge Tower can be operated with a maximum weight of 50 kg, while the other two stations allow you to train with a maximum weight of 80 kg.

You can order extra weight stacks for all pulley systems for up to 120 kg per station.


Warranty on the coating: 2 Years
Warranty on steel: Lifetime Warranty
Material: Steel
Height: 2582 mm


See the technical drawings of our Pulley Tower

Product image gallery

View the images and construction details of our Pulley Tower

Pulley Tower video presentation

Enjoy the video of the detailed presentation of our Pulley Tower.

Where to buy the KingsBox Pulley Tower

Our Pulley Tower can be purchased on our website at this address

Remember that you can choose the various combinations on all 4 stations and also customize the colors, but if you want to buy a tower with 1, 2 or 3 stations please contact us at this address info@kingsbox.com.

Introducing the KingsBox Pulley Tower | Gym Pulley System
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Introducing the KingsBox Pulley Tower | Gym Pulley System
KingsBox is proud to present the new Pulley Tower of the Mad series! Gym pulley system with training cables.
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