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The newest machine in our Mad series is here! Pulley Tower enables four athletes to train at the same time. Each pulley station is a little bit different and offers different training options so that if you move through all four stations you perform a whole body training.

The First station is Bridge Tower and has a pulley system adjustable by height. So you can adjust to different heights of the athletes training on it and perform exercises at a different levels. We named the second station Sling Tower which has a pair of static pulleys, one at the top and one at the bottom of the pillar.

Drawbridge Tower is the artistic name for the third station, the lat pull down machine that offers training for the muscles in the shoulders area. And the last one is Raw Tower which has an integrated fitness bench and is meant for rowing exercises.

All the pulley systems on the Pulley Tower are weighted by weight stacks. You can work on Drawbridge Tower and Bridge Tower with the maximum weight of 50 kg, the other two stations enable you to train with the maximum weight of 80 kg. You can order additional weight stacks for all pulley systems up to 120 kg per station.