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How to become a successful Calisthenics athlete

Having success in calisthenics training, just like in any other sport or physical activity, requires commitment, determination and time.

The workout itself may not take more than an hour of your time per day, but the whole effort that has nothing to do with the workout will definitely require more attention, such as :

    1. Preparing food
    2. Learning muscle physiology
    3. Studying the correct technique

Calisthenics is one of the most spectacular but also difficult disciplines to learn. Let’s see together some helpful advice.

First of all: Time, do not hurry

Everything takes time and you really have to be passionate about free body endurance training if you want to grow in this discipline.

Remember: It must become a lifestyle, otherwise it won’t work.

You really have to cultivate the pleasure of training and try to focus on each training session, to optimize it as much as possible, to give the best of yourself.

Don’t focus on the results more than on what you need to do when you’re training.

Organize your program well!

  • A good workout routine will always require planning.
  • Professional athletes increase so much in fitness level because their whole day revolves around becoming the most performing they possibly can.
  • For example, if I know that tomorrow morning I will do a very intense workout, then I have to consume carbohydrates one hour before training.

The commandments of Calisthenics

  • Perform simple compound movements.
  • All professionals practice their basics faithfully and consistently.
  • Your results depend on your overall lifestyle rather than on your workout routine, such as dieting and resting properly.
  • Progression is the name of the game, so always look for new ways to test yourself.
  • You will need to find a way to overcome obstacles on your path.
  • Always remember that small daily steps are better than a heavy workout done wrong.
  • Whenever you are free, try to train for half an hour.

Cultivate a passion for gymnastics

Motivation drives people to act. Unfortunately, motivation doesn’t last. Perseverance and ambition will make a difference.

Say “no” to monotony

Monotony will always find its way into your life once you reach your routine. Be innovative and constantly change your workout routine.

  • Redesign the weekly training.
  • Try a new recipe.
  • Change the training environment.
  • Introduce something new into your workouts.
  • Take a whole week off.

Calisthenics training equipment

If you are determined to purchase equipment for calisthenics we suggest you read this professional guide on How to choose calisthenics training equipment for home gym or garage.

The history of calisthenics

If you are curious about the history of this spectacular discipline we invite you to read our article: Calisthenics | Professional guidance from the beginning to the present.

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The difficulties are real and you will face many.

Just keep doing what you like, the best way you can, training for your own good, for the sake of training and health, not because you want to look better.

Improving your aesthetics is a noble goal, perhaps the ultimate goal, but sometimes it’s okay to just want to have fun exercising, without the pressure of chasing a goal.

How to become a successful Calisthenics athlete
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How to become a successful Calisthenics athlete
Become a successful Calisthenics athlete with the advice of our specialized trainers. Don’t miss our professional guide
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