Home gym low cost with reduced budget | PART 1

Having a home gym is the dream of many. The only obstacle that separates us from this dream is the cost of equipment, but are we really sure that building a gym at home is so difficult and so prohibitive at an economic level?

We don’t think so. Follow us in this shopping guide and try to realize your dream home gym together on a budget.

Good! It’s off !

Suppose we have a space of about 4 meters wide by 6 meters long, an area of 24 square meters with a ceiling height of about 3 meters. A space not great but perfect for a home gym of all respect.

SBR rubber floor for home gym

The first thing to do is definitely choose to install a recycled rubber floor. For two simple reasons :

1 year. Protect your joints from trauma and injuries

2 year. Protect the background of your garage or home room.

Okay, but how much does a recycled rubber floor cost ? Not so much, our Royal rubber floor is one of the cheapest on the market and made with the best raw materials.

And it is available at this address 

Bonus : Never forget to visit the bargains section and the used race section of our site where you will find discounted products strongly in conditions equal to the new.

Good news!  Installing our rubber floor is really simple and so with a bit of manual it will be possible to save money by being helped by some friends. Make sure you have a clean and dry background so as to proceed with a quick and accurate installation.

Well we managed to install our rubber floor, great job!

Now let’s move on to the equipment.

Home gym with reduced budget

Different sports differ fundamentally from the type of equipment you use to practice them. Whether you are Powerlifter, Crossfitters or bodybuilder one of the tools that all these sports have in common is the rack. There are different solutions for this type of tool and you can buy in the order

  • Self-supporting rack
  • Rack with wall mounting

In the case of the car carrier racks we have different possibilities according to our budget. Not always using a thousands of euros rack is synonymous with quality, Kingsbox racks differ in configuration and size and can be chosen according to your needs.

Let’s start with some questions to choose our rack : What types of exercises do I intend to do with my new rack ?

If I am a powerlifter or a bodybuilder I will definitely use it as support during exercises with the barbell type back squat or during exercises with the bench. So I could easily choose a less expensive but equally performing solution like our model :

Royal Squat SX-10 II for garage gyms

The Royal Squat Rack SX-10 II. The Kingsbox is made of high-quality steel sections with sizes 60 mm x 60 mm x 3 mm, which means it can easily hold up to 450 kg and more. This Squat Rack is perfect to be placed at home or in the gym. You can use it for squat training as well as bench training and the price is really very low.

Here is the link where you can buy it

We chose this inexpensive rack because it is right to let our customers know the cheapest but performing options of our products.

Royal Power Rack CX-35 for home gym

In case your budget allows it or you have different needs such as to do exercises of the type muscle-up kipping pull-up and more we advise you to choose another our rack best seller our Royal Power Rack CX-35 perfect for all types of training from cross training to bodybuilding and Powerlifting.

The appearance and design of this rack, with its height of 2320 mm will certainly be noticed and will take away only a little space (1020 x 1220 mm). With the Royal Power Rack you will receive a 1100 mm pull-up bar, on which you can train in peace with pull-ups and muscle-ups. With our J-cups you can attach the barbell to the structure safely.

Do not be fooled by the beauty of this rack, the price is really affordable and will be a purchase that will really last over time and will repay you for the small investment made.

Follow the link to know all the specifications of this really exceptional rack.

Royal Air Rack for home gym

Space problems? You want to leave your battlefield free to practice exercises like HSW hand stand walk no problem ! Kingsbox with its Royal Air Rack will save you time and space, with a quality product at a very competitive cost.

Rack Air Royal

Younger brother of our famous Royal Wall Power Rack II. 300, this rack is also made entirely of steel profiles and has been designed in such a way that it can be fixed only in the wall (concrete wall). It takes up very little space and is very practical. The Rack has been designed to allow the athlete to place the barbell on the appropriate J-Cups and continue with the training on the bar for traction, without having to remove the barbell from the Rack.

How much does it cost? Very little. Here’s the link to buy our Air Rack

Royal TNT Fold Rack II

Another little gem of Kingsbox is our Royal TNT Fold Rack II

Made of 3 mm thick steel profiles and measures 60 x 60 mm, thus maintaining the standard of quality and strength, which distinguishes all the structures of the brand Kingsbox. The Royal TNT Fold Rack II. is practical, space-saving, fast and easy to assemble and is an excellent solution for all those who have no space to mount a classic structure at home. It shall be fixed to the wall at both top and bottom, without anchoring it to the ground.

The pull-up bar is then simply fixed with two bolts at the desired height. After the workout, simply remove the pull-up bar and you can turn the two sides of the rack up to under the wall. In this position the rack will take away only very little space (10 cm from the wall)

Cheap, smart, functional and durable at a price truly unrivaled.

The Royal TNT Fold Rack II is available for purchase at this address

Mighty Power Rack CX-35

If you have decided that these types of racks are not enough and you want a product that leaves its mark then and time to choose a Rack of the Mighty series. The structure is really impressive, with a very professional look with 80mm x 8mm profiles.

With the Mighty Power Rack, you will receive a 1100 mm pull-up bar, on which you can train in peace. Available in different colors is one of our strengths and pride. Designed following the feedback of our customers and athletes of our team.

The price ? Much less than you think. Here is the link where you can know specifically all the qualities of the Mighty Power Rack

Mighty Squat Pulley System

We left our highlight at the end. A gym concentrated in one car. We left our highlight at the end. A gym concentrated in one car.

Rack multi funzione kinsgbox

It’s an evolution from our Mighty CX 35. It allows the chin-up on the bar, 110 cm wide, and allows the support of the barbells during squat and bench exercises. A wide range of Mighty accessories can be added to the profiles between the columns. In addition, you can use the Safety Catchers, security systems that provide protection during squats, data already supplied. A number of bumpers can be placed on special disc holders to make the room even more tidy.

A pair of Jammer Arms is installed on the front columns. Dynamic and multipurpose device, thanks to which you will have an unlimited choice of workouts. We can perform basic exercises, which include squats, jerks, gluteal exercises and many more.

On the back, we added pillars and a construction of pulleys that we call »BASE«, patented. To create the part »BASE«, we wanted to start from the assumption that squats are the most important exercise to strengthen the muscles of the lower body. They can be performed with your own body weight or with different loads.

The BASE solution offers the possibility to perform various types of squats with the belt, or various cable exercises such as rowing, shoulders, biceps, triceps and many more. Simply put, with this system we can strengthen the muscles of the whole body.

The pulley, which is part of the BASE, can also be attached to the carabiner the LAT DESTROYER. It is a tool, with which we can perform various chin-ups with different angles of grip. Since we are always looking for multifunctional the Lat Destroyer can be unhooked from the carabiner and used to do folds on the arms in lack of barbell and with different angles of grip.

Our Mighty Squat Pulley System is available at this address

Bonus : Our racks are entirely designed and manufactured in Europe. The production chain is under our supervision from the initial design to the final test. Kingsbox products are used by hundreds of fitness centers and gyms throughout Europe and the world with always perfect performance.

Our rack models are not finished here, visit the section of our rack site to choose the model that best suits your needs and your budget.

The first part of our guide to a low-budget home gym ends here. Do not miss the second part of the guide that will be on line soon. We will talk about barbells, haltèress and bumbers. See you soon !!


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