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Used - rubber floor 100x100x2 cm

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Quality rubber flooring 2 cm thick. It was barely used, it only has a few footstep marks on it. It differs from our well-known Hi-Temp Royal Rubber Flooring, so be aware of that if you are planning to combine them. This Rubber Flooring has rounder edges and there may be some deviation in the dimensions of squares.

Products from the 'Used' category can have some signs of usage (scrapes on the coating, magnesium residue, etc.). If you want to know in detail in what condition is the product please contact us at

Warranty on used products.
The warranty does not apply to used products. The specific difficulties of the purchaser with the products of the company KingsBox d.o.o. will be treated individually, case by case.
You can not return products from 'used' category.


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