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Royal black bumper plate set - 100 kg

Available from Sep 9, 2024

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The Royal Black KingsBox Bumpers are black discs with a diameter of 450 mm (the holes diameter is 50.4 mm) and are therefore compatible with all types of Olympic barbells. Made of rubber, they have iron inserts inside them, which make them sturdy and resistant to all types of falls. The high-density rubber, which passes through a special vulcanization process, allows these discs to have a low and controlled dead rebound. The controlled low rebound ensures long life for the discs, prevents damage to the floor and equipment and helps to avoid injury for those who use them. The ring of the central hole of the disc is made of steel that is melted with the rubber, which allows us to solidly bond the two elements together. What distinguishes our records from those of our competitors is the fact that we have thought about making the discs a bit thinner so that we can load more weight on one bar. Our discs are suitable for functional training, Olympic weightlifting and all disciplines that require durable and reliable discs. Furthermore, lifting weights using rubber discs is much quieter and therefore more suitable for home training.

Package composition: 2x 5kg, 2x 10kg, 2x 15kg, 2x 20kg.

Five-kilogram weights are not suitable for droping from height.


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