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Cross Training box

excel with Innovation

As the leading provider of cutting-edge equipment for functional gyms, we continuously innovate and enhance our product line. Our commitment to excellence positions us at the forefront of fitness solutions, catering to the dynamic needs of functional training enthusiasts.

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Fitness chains

raising the bar of functional spaces in fitness chains

As functional workouts gain momentum in commercial fitness, the challenge lies in optimizing space while catering to diverse client needs. Our multifunctional rigs offer versatile configurations, making our solutions highly sought after by fitness chains across Europe. Explore how we redefine fitness with our top-tier equipment and design expertise.

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Personal studios

maximize your gym potential with our compact solutions

At KingsBox, we get how tight studio spaces need smart solutions. That's why we make gear that fits right into smaller spots but still lets you a lot of different exercises. We help you turn any small area into your dream studio, making sure you and your clients can push limits and improve every day, no matter the size of your space.

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Outdoor gyms

tailored for Excellence

Physical preparation is paramount for professional sports teams. Our wide selection of functional products, modular equipment, and expansion capabilities are specifically designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional athletes and teams, ensuring peak performance.

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custom solutions for every need

With over seven years of expertise, our team specializes in creating the finest gym equipment crafted in Europe. Our dedication to in-house development and innovation allows us to offer personalized gym solutions that are modular and expandable, meeting the evolving needs of our clients.

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Home gyms sets

train anytime in the comfort of your home

Embrace the convenience of training anytime with our home gym solutions. With the Royal series and budget-friendly options, we make home fitness accessible and popular among our clientele.

Home gyms sets

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500 + gym all over Europe and Middle East that trust us

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