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Our mission | KingsBox

Our mission

Giving people a playground to develop into the best version of themselves. Delivering products that inspire masses in the gym industry.

Our vision | KingsBox

Our vision

A world where every single one of us is equipped to reach their full potential.

Who are we?

'Born in a garage'

Who are we? | KingsBox



Our story began when two friends - Dejan and Luka started making equipment in their garage. In only 5 years it grew into one of the largest providers of sports equipment in Europe and a company with more than 40 employees! Since the beginning, our main values are developing people's full potential and making new innovative products.

And we are not stopping!

Values | KingsBox


We are always looking for opportunities for growth, for improvements and innovations, so this are the values that represent us best.

Driven by innovation | KingsBox

Driven by innovation

Bringing innovative ideas to life is our biggest influence on the world. We are constantly thinking about inspiring masses with new accessible solutions. The more time we have to spend on innovation, the more motivated we are to find the ideal solution. We never stop at an obstacle.

Devoted to growth | KingsBox

Devoted to growth

Every single member is encouraged to grow their knowledge, gain new experience and boost their career. We are a team of curious and motivated people and we can reach anything we imagine.

And outstanding performance is always rewarded.

Going the extra mile | KingsBox

Going the extra mile

We put people at the forefront of every decision we make and we focus on results. Our customers are our inspiration and we are always aiming for their admiration. Our suppliers and distributors represent to us new opportunities and are a constant source of feedback. Our employees are essential to our growth.

We strive for respect, so we ought to be respectful ourselves.