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Hydra pulley station

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2x Adjustable Pulley
2x Static Pulley
Static & Adjustable




We combined the two Cable Crossover Kits into one pulley station:Hydra Pulley Station. They are joined by a pull-up bar, that can be used for pull up training. And for the added touch we added a KingsBox nameplate at the back.
The pulley systems offer the options to train different variations of pulls, rows, belt squats …
You can choose between two different variations of the pulley system. First is the basic, static version that offers you to attach handles at the top of the pulley (for lat pulls) or at the bottom (for belted squats and rows). The second is the adjustable version, you can adjust the height of the lower pulley. This means that you can do your row exercise in a more natural, standing position.


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