Panca inclinata per pettorali savage prince

KingsBox presents The Savage Prince Incline Chest Press

KingsBox is pleased to present the Savage Prince inclined pectoral press, which has been the main project of our team of engineers and professional coaches in the last 14 months.Savage Prince is 100% European made and comes in 12 different colours.

What is the use of KingsBox’s Savage Prince Inclined Pectoral Press :


To train the upper pectoral muscles, you can perform exercises such as push-ups, dumbbell fly, bench press or cable crossover.

But to get the best result the inclined pectoral press is one of the most valid options on the market.

In fact, the isolation of the upper pectoralis muscle allows to train in a targeted way the main chain that allows to offer the maximum possible performance.

It is important, however, to vary the exercises and intensity to avoid the plateau and improve muscle growth.

We always repeat as in our previous articles that it is also advisable to work on the strength of the triceps and back for muscle balance and prevent injury.

It is also important to stretch and warm up before each workout.

Pressa per pettorali inclinata Savage Prince

The inclined pectoral press

The inclined pectoral press is an exercise that is carried out using an inclined bench and a barbell or dumbbell.

The weight lifting movement aims to isolate and train the upper pectoral muscles.

This exercise is especially useful for increasing strength and muscle mass in the upper chest, but it is important to perform it properly to avoid injuries.

Benefits of inclined pectoral press training

Training with the high pectoral press is perfect for strengthening and toning the upper chest muscles.

This exercise can help improve posture, arm strength and prevent injury.

In addition, increased strength in the upper chest muscles can also improve performance in other exercises such as dip or arm flexion.

Pressa per pettorali inclinata Savage Prince

Why use an inclined pectoral press

A good knowledge of lifting technique is essential.

But this is not always possible.

Training the upper part of the pectorals can be difficult, having an isometric machine available as our Savage Prince will allow you and your customers, whatever their degree of preparation to train efficiently and safely.

Why buy our Savage Prince inclined pectoral press

    1. Training of upper pectoral muscles.
    2. Unique mad series design.
    3. 2 different grip positions.
    4. Adjustable safety sliders for optional starting position.
    5. Two independent training arms.
    6. German quality powder coating.
    7. Seat adjustable in height in 7 positions, for an optimal sitting position.
    8. Easy entry lever for optimal starting position.

Quality of used materials and the guarantee of being produced in Europe.


Our Savage Prince Incline Chest Press is made of the best steel available and is made in Europe.

We are so convinced of our quality that we are ready to give you the Lifetime Warranty on steel! and 2 years warranty on upholstery!

Where to buy our Savage Prince incline bench

Visit our website at this address and discover our epic MAD SERIES. Where you will also find many other exclusive products of the line.

KingsBox presenta The Savage Prince Incline Chest Press
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KingsBox presenta The Savage Prince Incline Chest Press
Presentazione della panca per pettorali Savage Prince Incline Chest Press di KingsBox. Materiali di qualità superiore a prezzi senza precedenti
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