Girl Power | The women’s gym is real around the world.

The ambience of a classic gym can be an overwhelming and potentially intimidating place, especially for someone who has just started their fitness journey.

In particular, women can be affected even more than men by the “gender gap”.

This real syndrome goes beyond the feeling of simply feeling self-conscious because these negative connotations can help to make women not want to train regularly or maybe not at all, which can have a detrimental effect on the physical form and overall health of the female population.

Google search for “women’s gyms” has quadrupled in the last 12 months, showing that perhaps now more than ever there is a demand for an environment where women can come together to create a community to motivate and inspire each other.

The need for gyms for women only

Women experience a number of significant changes throughout their lives, including pre/postnatal, menstruation, menopause, and have a greater number of hormones changing on a daily basis.

We think it is vital that women have a space to be able to support the growth of their knowledge of how their bodies work so that their health and general fitness can thrive quietly.

When it comes to strength training and weight lifting, for example, the gender gap increases even more significantly.

Creating a space where women feel safe and empowered when training promotes inclusivity and allows them to reach a wider group of women whose previous barrier to entry may have been a sense of intimidation.

Of course, women should feel entitled to participate in any area of exercise they desire.

After all, a comprehensive approach to exercise is the most healthy and effective.

The importance of a space for the exercise of women only

Health, fitness, and mental well-being aren’t just about how fast you can run, how much you can lift, or how much weight you can lose.

It is about setting realistic goals around what you want to achieve within your body, mind and overall health and working to maintain these healthy habits.

The gender gap in physical activity is well documented, with women around the world less likely than men to meet internationally recognised health guidelines on physical activity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stresses the importance of providing safe and accessible physical leisure activities for women.

Research shows that making sure you exercise regularly can help reduce the risk of developing many diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and can offer multiple mental health benefits, including stress management.

Studies have also shown that only 30 minutes of exercise per day can provide a range of immune enhancement benefits and improve the way our body responds to potential vaccines, which is obviously more relevant now than ever.

Advantages of a women-only gym

60% of women avoid the gym for anxiety to be judged. And this is just one of the shocking statistics from a survey that was conducted last year.

Here are some of the advantages of training in a women’s gym.

Less intimidation

Being intimidated by big, bulky men in the gym (even if they are all as good as bread and very kind) can be a big obstacle when it comes to achieving your fitness goals.

In a women-only gym, there is far less sense of judgment and less intimidation from your training partners.
Being part of a women-only gym means that there are more equipment and classes suitable for women and the female body. While men generally prefer to train with dumbbells and isotonic machines, women can also use different fitness classes in such centers where they can participate in groups.

This means for example more yoga, pilates, zumba, stretching classes, in addition to weight training.

More intimacy and privacy

Women-only gyms are generally less noisy and more welcoming than most mixed gyms. A lot of gyms are huge with too many machines and sometimes you might feel lost knowing where to start.

A female gym is usually smaller, more intimate and often offers personal training section that will help you start your path calmly.

Making new friends

In addition to being a great place to let off steam and get a new and improved fantastic shape, a women’s-only gym is the perfect place to make new friends.

Professional solidarity approach

In addition to fitness you often also need nutrition and psychological support. Being surrounded by female professionals will help you communicate more effectively and make you understand better.

Girls Power! The gym for women is GIA reality worldwide.

Those who have always argued that the gym is just a “man” thing have long since been disavowed. Nla gym never as today is more and more “woman” and we do not talk about sports such as aerobic disciplines, but of lifting real weights.

The world is full of examples. Cross Training, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Bodybuilding. More and more women have chosen the path of athletic training focused on performance achieving truly extraordinary results.

Although it may seem impossible, every year more and more women-only fitness centers are opened in the world. The world of women-only fitness is growing exponentially and thousands of athletes around the world are setting the pace for this wonderful revolution.

Women are excellent athletes

Against all expectations of years and years of success in different competitive fields, they have allowed to say that the female human body is extraordinarily versatile and genetically predisposed to train with overloads even in an intensive way.

What everyone is talking about today is part of our culture for millennia. Amazons, warriors, leaders, heroines. The story is full of these extraordinary actresses of past life, who competed on equal terms with the best leaders to defend and protect their lives.

Everything starts from far away

Unlike other parts of Greece, at Sparta unmarried girls regularly participated in sports activities.

The famous spartan exercise regime for girls is designed to make them “all fit like their brothers”.
In his Constitution of the Spartans, Xenophon reports that Lycurgus required women to practice as much as men, and to this end instituted athletic competitions for women.

Early sources report that the Spartan girls practiced running and wrestling; later texts also mention the javelin and discus throwing, boxing and pankration and also learned to ride.

In short , women have always been very skilled athletes and today KingsBox wants to celebrate them with a selection of training equipment dedicated to them.

Opening a women’s gym

Building an all-women gym following the best trends in the world, could be a very interesting entrepreneurial choice.

More and more women-only gyms open around the world every day and you may still be in time to ride the trend.

How to choose equipment

KingsBox has equipped dozens of fitness centers around the world and has the experience to give you all the tips you can to choose the equipment for your new gym for women only.

You know that you can always email us at to get all the assistance you need to start your business.

Meanwhile, we invite you to take a look at a selection of products to furnish your new fitness center for women only.

Women’s Olympic barbells

KingsBox has always recognized the enormous potential of women’s genetics and considers them real sports icons. This is why, as you know, it offers a huge selection of female barbells for powerlifiting, weightlifting and cross training.

All our Olympic barbells for women are available in this dedicated section

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

Our extraordinary selection of Dumbbells and Kettlebells will allow you to choose the best size and size for your dream women’s gym, complete with everything you need.

All our dumbbells and gym dumbbells for women and our kettlebells for women are available
in this dedicated section

Gym rack for training

Every self-respecting queen needs her gym rack. Here is a series of training racks that have made the history of our company. Available in a variety of huge colors, because as we know girls must have style even in training 😉

Our Gym racks for training to furnish your gym are available in this dedicated sectionrack da palestra da allenamento per donna

Gym discs and bumpers plate

Space for imagination and style with our colorful gym discs and bumper plates. You know the eye always wants its share and we at KingsBox Style have it for sale.

Choose from various models and buy everything you need to furnish your gym for women only.

Our gym discs and training bumpers are available in this dedicated sectionDischi da palestra e bumper da crossfit per donna

Yoga mats and Ab Mat

Whether you need a yoga mat or an ab mat in the dedicated section you will find everything you need to build your yoga room in your new all-women gym, with the right products, made with the best materials that will protect you from injuries with a pinch of extra color.

Our yoga mats and Ab Mat are available in this dedicated section
palestra per sole donne

Women’s sportswear for training

Style is everything, but also comfort and technology should not be missing, especially in women’s sportswear. Those who play sports intensively must rely on high quality products. The fabrics chosen to create sportswear for women must always be of excellent quality to improve mobility, breathability and performance in general.

So here is our selection of sportswear for women, discover also our collection in collaboration with Under Armour.

Sportswear for women is available in this dedicated section.
palestra per sole donne


Girl Power! is the password!

Opening a women-only gym is not just a good thing it’s also a smart business thing. You could really find fertile ground in this field, having so many satisfactions.

KingsBox is always alongside the best athletes of the international athletics scene, but also the simple girls who want to train every day to be fit and happier.

Choosing a KingsBox product will ensure you are part of an environmentally friendly transaction, attention to detail, compliance with European regulations, the use of high quality products allows us every day to be part of this great change.

They’re waiting for you!

Girl Power | La palestra per sole donne è realta in tutto il mondo.
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Girl Power | La palestra per sole donne è realta in tutto il mondo.
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