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Expected availability: 31.05.2024

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1220 x 1160 mm
2980 x 1160 mm
4140 x 1160 mm
5900 x 1160 mm
7060 x 1160 mm
8820 x 1160 mm
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The Royal Wall Rig is flexible and satisfies all your wishes. You can install it at home or in the gym, in a larger or smaller space. Regardless of whether you choose the shortest or the longest variant, in any case you will be able to perform exercises with an Olympic barbell and exercises on a bar (pull-up, muscle up...). Accessories for the Royal Rig are always available. They will allow you to add a range of additional exercises to your rack workout.

Our Rigs are designed and built by our team of experts. We design our Rigs from start to finish. Here’s how we guarantee safety, quality and a sophisticated design at the same time. You can start with a simpler version and then add more accessories. Once your gym expands, your rig does too. The J-Cups are included in the package. For a customized Royal Rig, write us or send us an email on info@kingsbox.com!

Attention: The system must be secured to the ground (in concrete!) or to the wall. The wall or floor attachment bolts are not included.


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