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36 kg
60 kg

The plates for fixing the rig are an excellent solution when anchoring the structure to the floor is not possible and at the same time gives you the possibility to move your rig around the room. The holes in the plates are threaded, so the bolts should not be used and the fixing will thus be much simpler and faster. The plates are 2000 mm long and are therefore compatible with 1700 mm depth rigs.

Sold as a single piece.

The weight of a steel plate can make all the difference when it comes to the stability of a rig. While a 36 kg plate is provided to be a good support, a 60 kg plate can offer even more excellent stability, making it the preferred choice for competition use, but also for other professional gyms. 60 kg plate also helps to distribute weight evenly on the surface. Additionally, laser-cut holes on the 60 kg plates make them easier to move around, adding to their convenience and versatility.

Type 36kg = 2060 x 300 mm
Type 60kg= 2060 x 500 mm


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