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Our mission is to offer people a playground where they can reach their full potential. If we wanted to show our mission in one picture, we would use a picture of the Mighty Monkey Arch.
This is no longer a playground, this is a real amusement park for all sports enthusiasts!
If your ceiling is high enough, you can allow your customers to climb the monkey pull up bars, which first go up and then descend towards the wall bar. For a good workout, the structure offers two more holders for the Olympic barbell, pull-up bars, a double wall ball target and attachments, on which you can hang the Olympic gymnastic rings or a climbing rope.
And of course, for the final touch – a Kingsbox board. This way, your customers will be aware that you swear by quality and perfection.

*All steel parts of the structure in the photo are part of the package. For additional questions, write to us at info@kingsbox.it