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Expected availability: 12.06.2024

108.09 €

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270 mm
450 mm
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Most of the gyms have the same old problem, you need a lot of different attachment handles for your Crossover, but once you use them and change them on the pulley station, there is no place to have them organized and stored.

We design a great solution that will make your gym stand out.

The Mighty Handles Storage, thanks to the universal design, can store your handles no matter the dimensions

It can be used to store small one-arm handles or big Lat destroyer handles.

You can use the hooks that will come together in the package box to find the right spot to store your handles.

This storage can be fixed between 2 pillars of your Mighty rig or rack, or on the wall.

High: 1100x270 mm

Low: 1100x450 mm