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Introducing Kalel, your new must-have for any CF BOX. Crafted with precision to cater specifically for team workouts, Kalel is a versatile training tool that offers varied functional exercises to help prepare your team for the toughest challenges.

In collaboration with the organizers of the renowned Steel Man competition, Kalel is a product that symbolizes the epitome of functional fitness. It carries the Steelman X KingsBox logo laser-cut on both sides, a testament to its lineage and the thoughtfulness behind its conception. First unveiled and utilized at the 2023 STEELMAN H24 RACE, it carries a heritage of quality and effectiveness.

This versatile piece of equipment transcends the traditional confines of a sled. It's designed to be operated by up to four people simultaneously, fostering a spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Our thoughtful design includes handles on both sides, allowing four people to use it concurrently for the farmer's walk carry. Plus, with a simple addition of a standard 20kg bumper plate to the front of the product, it effortlessly transforms into a wheelbarrow.

Kalel is 100% European made, boasting of superior quality steel that ensures its durability and performance. The sleek black powder coating not only provides an elegant finish, but also adds a layer of protection, promising the endurance of the product over extended periods of use.

The product without any additional weight stands at 95 kg, engineered for optimal balance and control. Ideal for a team of four, Kalel is not just a piece of equipment; it's a path to building stronger bonds, achieving common fitness goals, and winning together.