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It's known that rowing is one of the most popular exercises to strengthen your back muscles, but it hast to be performed properly, while the muscles of the shoulder ring remain protected, so we developed the KingsBox rowing bench. Bench rowing is a perfect workout to strengthen your back muscles. While this is hard and challenging exercise it is surely one of the most effective ones when you want to increase your back circumference. There are a number of accessories you can use for bench rowing. Rowing with an Olympic barbell is justifiably the most popular way of the exercise, because it develops great back muscles. Of course, you can also perform rowing with kettlebells or dumbbells. Some people even believe that one-handed rowing is better than classic barbell-style rowing, because with one dumbbell in one hand, we focus much more on individual muscle groups. That way, we also cannot rely on our "better" (stronger) arm to do most of the work. One-handed work also allows for greater range of motion and further strengthens the broad back muscle. The bench is made of powder-coated steel and quality artificial leather cushion.